Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Problem, We know. Tell the Mountain what the solution is ....

     Over and over we hear that the problem of minority poverty can be traced back to the disintegration of the nuclear family.   There are very few two-parent families.  That's the problem.   Whites in 1950 had a 4% illegitimacy birth rate.  Blacks had a 7% rate.   Latins of all types had a 5% rate.   Fast forward to 2010 and we find that Whites have climbed up to 19% rate, Blacks have a 77% rate, and Latins of all types have a 45% rate.
     What happened?  The abolition of shame and pride.
  The abolition of a certain publicly understood and practiced Catechism, Orthodox or Reformed.  The shame is not what the anti-moralists think.   All parents know that their children are going to "fool around''.   The parents know this because they know that their parents "fooled around".   But the an old fashioned Episcopalian...was never in the "fooling around" per se, but in fooling around without having enough detachment from oneself to recognise that unguarded, undisciplined self-indulgence might produce another little bundle of joy without any preparation.  The hovering Buzzard of having to FEED the bundle of joy and CLOTHE the bundle of joy and SHELTER the bundle of joy and NURTURE the bundle of joy.....just the two of a daunting anchor of obligation.  To confront it requires maturity and selflessness, and money, and self-reliance, and money.
     To-day, the Catechisms have been replaced by a devious Uncle who wears a funny top-hat, and dresses in out-of-date formal wear, coloured in red, white, and blue.....Uncle Sam.
     In those times past, it was a given that if someone, some pair, made a "mistake", they were the only members of the clean-up committee.   And, quite frankly, the geezers among us, know that the girl was assigned the greater fault...responsibility...requirements...duties...whatever.   Boys were puppy dogs' tails and snails, pretty much incapable of self-control, whereas girls were sugar and spice and everything nice.   The girl had failed to protect her higher moral and cultural position in the pecking order of the greatest of the great apes.   So it was adoption or marriage.
     El Gringo Viejo knows of situations where one or the other occurred.  It gave the meddlesome Mrs. Bustlebuster something to talk about at the Beauty Parlour when she would point out that Mamie Jane married in August and the stork came in March.
   Likewise, the girls just home from college could all get together down at the old familiar pharmacy - soda fountain - diner.  They could talk and giggle and blubber a bit about  Suzie McPherson who "went off" and after a while delivered and "gave up" her baby.   Then they would all sit around, rustling petticoats, all six girls in a booth for four, and...for a quiet and pensive, looking around and avoiding looking at either friend or stranger in the eye.


    We have been in and around the issue since the time we moved from the 6th to the 7th grade.   But the rules, standards, expectations, and results have been changed to the core over the years.   While the devastation has fallen mainly upon the Black race in this country, the issue of the un-husbanded homestead affects every race and ethnic group to the core in this times.
     Almost every programme, network, radio talk show, and scores of other platforms have been able to point to social disintegration as the cause of the onslaught of gangs, zombie-youth, juvenile criminality, adult criminality, social anomie, inarticulate speaking and general ignorance, inability to defer gratification, and inability to think coherently or deductively or critically that have become the proud norm of the New Progressive American Culture.

     But the programmes and commentators seem willing to go to second base or to third base on the issue, but no one...and I mean no one....wants to say on the air what the solutions are.

The solutions are few, and they are simple.  To wit:

(1) Re-establish a benign sense of judgement.   Be  a forgiving and supporting presence for any girl who has stumbled.   Defend and seek revenge on the behalf of any girl who has been forced upon.

(2)  Abolish all public assistance.   The point behind females allowing themselves to be repeatedly impregnated is because it is their business.  They learn from grandma, mom, Auntie Cleo, from their sisters...the entire path that connects the WIC office to the AFDC office to the Food Stamp office to the Section 8 office, the Medicaid office.   To them the "rhythm system" is to whelp out approximately every 20 to 26 months for about 6 such intervals in order to have a steady income that even in poorest paying States will net about 30,000 USD in net value, per annum.   In some really pinko States the professional babymother can earn more in actual dollar value than the salary of that State's five-year veteran high school teacher.
     The girls learn how to sell their stamps when they need a little ready cash, and if they have a babydaddy, they know that he will have to take his share of any cash that is available. sometimes as much as 30% or more.  She knows that if she holds out, she will be roughed up, beaten, or even "evaporated".   Most frequently, a babydaddy will have from 3 to 20 babymothers that he keeps "serviced" so as to lard on another little AFDC free lunch card at steady intervals.    The more babies, the more "service fees" he will be able to collect, so long as some other potential babydaddy doesn't "evaporate" the first babydaddy.
     Ergo, to solve the problem....immediately stop central government allocations of money that does not exist being sent to the States to distribute to people who look upon said money as some kind of a paycheck for the hard work they do. The icy hand on the back of the neck will be a new sensation for the "hard-working" people whose profession is "being poor". 

       Advise the populace that there is no longer any public assistance.  Anyone in need will know to seek temporary help from private agencies.   The private agencies will have a slight up-tick in contributions because the productive populace will know and understand that a lot of addicts to public assistance are going to be transitioning from their public assistance fix to a new day of liberty from the bondage caused by such public assistance.   There will be a lot of withdrawal symptoms...cold sweats, chills, delirious tremens, hallucinations, paranoia, and the like.     Most will not be able to make the transition, and they will have to be supported with private assistance until their end.

(3)   The next stage is to advise the public that anyone, male or female, who brings forth a miracle baby twice, and expects the public to pay for those babies, will be whack-whacked (in the case of the male) or snip - snipped (in the case of the female).   The snipping and whacking are permanent solutions and afterwards, they can all live together as eunuch and eunuchess until the end of their days.   It will be called the "Programme for Reproductive Choice and Rights".

     These measures will lamentably require almost 20 years to have a truly significant effect upon the multigenerational trudge to Hell that the public welfare system produces for poor minorities.   As the days increase, however, starting in earnest around the 10th year, there will be fewer problems in schools, fewer gang members, less litter, less graffiti, less violence, and a beginning of a slow, but increasingly solid return of "minorities" into the positive march to economic and spiritual prosperity.  It would help the majorities, the minorities, and the lesbian vegetarians, and the left-handed people with green eyes. 
This is the only way to save the Republic.  Any other approach is self-deception.   Please watch any three episodes of 48 Hours.  Please visit downtown St, Louis, Detroit, or Baltimore....or the downtown of any city in the northeast with a population of 250,000 or more.
     Public Assistance is not a safety net.  It is death.  It is decay,   It is vote buying with someone else's money.   It is putrid rot coming to take your children and grandchildren.
El Gringo Viejo