Thursday, 29 August 2013

Cynical? El Gringo Viejo? Naaaahhhh.

    The Obsolete Press isolates on the Cyrus girl.   Then they hyperventilate over Syria for a while.  Then they extoll the wondrous speech (?) made by the poseur, "standing on the same spot" as the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   It is surprising that none of them caught the smiling ghost of the good pastor, looking over the shoulder of the lazy, incompetent marxist poseur approvingly and regarding the man who would have had a son who looked a lot like someone or maybe someone else.
     Do you think there were 2,000,000 people at the protest or was it 5,000,000?   Well, we think....actually there were some estimates from Farakhan's mother ship....that seem to indicate that there were 10,000,000 and that there would have been more.   The thing is that there were well over 100,000,000 in offices throughout the USA trying to obtain voter ID who have been locked in hand-to-hand combat with Ted Cruz and 400,000,000 German Shepherds wearing Nazi arm-bands who had about  600,000,000 un-fed African American children being held hostage by Cruz and his Tea Party stooges and because of the sequestration caused by the Republicans.
     "Well yes, George Stephanopoulos, why don't you weigh in here?   Were you aware of the massive numbers of people who have come on the side of a hill....only five loaves...and two fish and one man who could cure them the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative... It's so inspiring!"
     "You all might not believe this but, as Obama's acolytes went silently through the 1,200,000,346 (one billion, two hundred thousand, and three hundred and forty six and no/hundredths) , passing out little gift sacks to African American, Hispanic Americans, recently arrived immigrants seeking refuge, women, other minorities, lesbians, transgendered, the reverse-re-transgendered, middle class, young women, students, Union people, handicapped, gays, and Indians of every tribe and nation, and all the historically oppressed and disenfranchised, the unemployed left over from 8 years of neglect by Cheney and Bush, the poor, the hungry, and those people just looking for an honest helping hand, and who seek to have those who have too much to pay their fair share and who are only looking for another 43,400 weeks of unemployment compensation....Well, a lot of them began to look just like Obama....and Saint Trayvon the Martyr.  But I diverge;   in every little sack there was a New York Telephone Directory - sized lifetime book of food stamps and birth control pills and devices.   Some of that of course given by Saint Flukie, who has already been beatified and canonised by Pope Nancy Pelosi, who worked this crowd as the on-site Pope  of the Real, Live, and RELEVANT Roman Catholic Whatever.   Nancy looked really good with that new piece of King Tut's skin that the Egyptian Antiquities Commission loaned her for her last operation.  Or perhaps I should say for her most recent facial touch-up"
     "Well George, that is truly inspiring.  We noticed that no Republicans came to this great celebration."
     "Yes, and we just had this report,   which reads, 'It is thought that the Republicans did not make it here in time due to the fact that they had no time to rub down their mounts, wash their satin sheets and pointed hats after a very busy night, last night, lynching, burning down churches, and of course those really impressive cross burnings they do."
     "Ah, yes.   Boys will be boys and racists will always be racists. Well, thanks for the report, Ge0rge.  We'll send all of this over to the editing desk"
El Gringo Viejo

     "George, has anyone said anything recently about all those little non-issue know....the phoney scandals?  Like, perhaps Benghazi or the IRS situation."
     Stephanopoulos snorts a bit, "Boy!  Now that's a blast from the past.  No, you know, when matters like that come up, they are so insignificant that they pretty much go into the part of the brain where the brain keeps the round file.  If those issues had had any meat on their bones they would have had traction, but we investigated all of that stuff very thoroughly and we learned that some of them happened during George Bush's term, and others might or might not have ever happened.   And even if they did happen it was because of that crazy Coptic Christian.....don't you ever get tired of finding out how much Christians seem to be involved in all these disorders?   And remember Eric Holder said that although they never happened, he promises to make certain that they never happen again."