Monday, 26 August 2013

Seriously. Syria?

     During the earliest part of the invasion of Iraq there were many reports of convoys of large tractor-trailer rigs heading into Syria with various types WMDs and WMD ingredients.   The story went that Hafez Assad welcomed the munitions into his country so as to establish a friendly understanding between him and Saddam Hussein.   It was supposed to be a demonstration of amicability and a statement of solidarity between two adversaries in the Arab world.   The Sandy Bergers and Zbigniew Bryzinskys of  the world scoffed at this news, pointing out that Assad and Hussein were mortal enemies and no such agreement to co-ordinate against the Gringos could be possible.  Of course, they conveniently forgot that during the first Gulf War, Saddam sent much of his puny air forces over to Iran to hide. Iran was the "good neighbour" with which he had fought for eight years with both parties suffering well over 1,000,000 casualties.   And yes, Hussein used WMDs against the Persians in that war.  

     News agencies, vigourously anti-Bush...(we remember Koppel posting the casualty lists nightly to the accompaniment of dirges and other ominous and morose music)....within the first six hours of combat were asking military spokesmen if Bush was rethinking  his folly after finding himself bogged down in a "quagmire".

     Just as immediately they began questioning almost anyone with a chance of knowing anything about the lack of uncovering the stashes of WMDs.   The Bushies, instead of leaking out information about the Bekaa Valley (or other possible hidey-holes in Syria) simply went mum on the issue.   We had the glorious Valerie Plame and hubby Joe Wilson story....with Wilson being sent to Niger to learn if Sadam Hussein had attempted to buy yellow-cake uranium from that source.

     Valerie landed the gig for her hubby because she worked in an administrative support position in Langley's CIA Headquarters.  Joe went to Niger and had tea with the poobahs.  They told Joe that there had been interest, but that sales had not been consummated.   Although Joe reported this to the  head of that particular division of the CIA, his conclusion was that Hussein was not trying to buy yellow-cake uranium.  His reasoning was, "The fact that Hussein was trying to buy yellow-cake was proof that  he was not trying to buy yellow-cake."

      And, of course, the greater issue is that Valerie was outed by Cheney's chief of staff, Scooter Libby and Bush's deputy chief of staff Karl Rove....and exposed her to danger because she was an important Secret Agent Man.   Of course, neither Scooter nor Karl outed her.   She also had a Langley parking permit displayed prominently on her automobiles and she had had a lengthy sit-down with Vanity Fair magazine about what an important Secret Agent Man she was...and the she was a knock-out blonde, just like (Sir Edmund)Hillary.  The special prosecutor knew from the beginning that Richard Armitage (a Republican type of the Democrat Sandy Berger) was the actual "cad" who had "outed" a woman who had "outed" herself repeatedly, but that prosecutor dallied for over a year and a half in the effort to stain Libby and Rove.   Ethically devoid.

    And now the continuing soap opera written, produced, directed, and starring the American Progressive Movement....with leading cameos played by minder Valerie Jerrod, Michelle Robinson Obama, and a cast of millions of slack-jawed, focus-group trite-phrase speakers.  Tiger Woods plays Barak Obama, while Colon Powell plays Al Sharpton, and Al Sharpton plays Chief Justice John Roberts.   The name of the movie?   Arab Spring....WATCH as Barak Obama destroys two military victories won at great cost to the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan.   Watch as Barak Obama skilfully sacrifices break point in the Match of Death by Jihad to the Muslim Brotherhood.
     But wait, Al Qaeda is coming up strong as opposing clics of bloodthirsty, deranged Muslim Rev. Jim Jones types of demons from Hell attempt to kill every Christian, Jew, Agnostic, Buddhist, Hindu, atheist, and living thing as they then go about killing every Muslim with the slightest degree of difference with the circular firing squad's definition of Islam.
     Listen to Barak Obama....sounding very much like the Rev. Mr. Jim Jones in Guyana...reminding everyone that America has been arrogant and all of this Kool-Aid will be good....just drink it.....kill the children and the women so that they can be happy....and there will be a better day after the Arab Spring.

It is all madness.
What part of Hell did Obama come from?

El Gringo Viejo