Saturday, 24 August 2013

Scandal Phoneys

     The current basket of loons composing the Control Group of the Obama administration....up to and including George Soros's groups of Zombies and Draculas along with the Joyce Foundation and the Annenberg Foundation and those two entities' hundreds of private and public progressive sapper battalion allies.....have gained the new title of Scandal Phoneys.

    As Progressives and Marxists,  they are bound by no morality.  Their common characteristic is to act all-knowing and well-intentioned while they prepare for their next publicly funded vacation or junket.   Their main tactic in the persuasion of the body politic is to frame an enemy and blame all ills on millionaires who pay no taxes and Tea Party people who want to take away the voting rights of transgendered refrigerators.

     The Phoneys are the one who generate scandal after scandal....then shriek,
“With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night decided to go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make?” Clinton asked the Republican Senator. “It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again.”

     This particular reprint from the Independent Journal by Kyle Becker,of the hideous pretentious hag's point makes it clear in the following words, "Public accountability does matter, Mrs. Clinton. The days of Washington politicians pretending to hold themselves accountable during staged hearings that lead to nothing have to stop. It seems that the Republican Party finally got that message..."

      Frankly, however, we doubt that the Republican Party in the United States has any notion about going to the mat concerning this or any other of the various assaults against common law, common sense, common decency, or the Constitution of this Republic.   Ex-Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, guest hosting for O'Reilly on last night's program, extolled the virtue of group hugs between socialist Democrats and  "reasonable" Republicans.  Ex-senator Brown prefers the kind of Republican  who enters into every fray confessing his/her sins and by agreeing to compromise with Marxists and people who are dedicated to the destruction of the Republic, so as to demonstrate contrition for the sin of being a Republican, even if in name only.

     For those of us who watched one liberal Republican (Christi) stab another liberal Republican (Romney) in the front and back and any other available place....(Walk on the Beach with Barry, Crummy self-serving GOP Convention Speech, tepid campaign support generally) is difficult for us to understand why we then receive the blame for the outcome of the elections involving RINOs.   With McCain, it was his staff who came out with the long knives against Palin.
     And all of this goes to the point that the leadership of the GOP in the House and Senate are reluctant to move against obvious un-Constitutional procedures  being practiced by the President and his administration.   These people in the leadership are embarrassed by Representative Tray Gowdy dressing down the IRS hag for saying that she was taking the Vth, had done nothing wrong, and who then further made a statement outlining her innocence. One cannot take the Vth at the beginning of a period of testimony, then testify, and then refuse to answers questions concerning details of ones testimony.
    Lois Lerner is a real piece of arrogant puffery, as indicated by her blowing off the House Inquiry with her unfounded and ill-advised tactics.  Consider this tidbit from other of her bullying methods against private and religious schools when she is quoted  in a magazine article thusly:
      "Lois Lerner, the IRS’s director of tax-exempt organizations who is overseeing the investigation, says many schools are rethinking how and what they report to the government. Receiving a thick questionnaire from the IRS, she says, is a “behaviour changer.”

     One must ask, "Who is there among us to protect the Republic from the Rage of the Rabid Commissar?"    Why have these people not been led off in handcuffs?  How can Hillary be allowed to fly around the world, doing nothing, except providing her.....ample presence....and then lecture the members of an official panel of inquiry with an outburst so illogical and inscrutable that it caused the Mississippi River to run backwards for three days.

     We know the Phoneys....and their scandals.  We have a wonderful world for Democrats....and sons of Barak....and police behaving stupidly....and his mother being denied insurance....and the Marine Corpse.   We have a wonderful new campaign by the Campaigner in Chief...aimed once again at the low information, low intelligence, public assistance dependent dolt who provide Obama's teleprompter with those necessary dull catch terms and phrases....."special interests"...."phoney scandals"...."do what's best for the middle class"....."provide jobs for the American people"....etc. etc. etc.

What a wonderful world it would be.  But now, at least, even Maureen Dowd is seeing through (Sir Edmund) Hillary....but does that mean there's a Biden in our future?   What a meaningless, mediocre menagerie.

More later.   Good to be back.
El Gringo Viejo