Friday, 19 July 2013

The Tipping Point of Stupidity and Ignorance

     All OROGs know the drill.  The advertisement that states, "....and get a second Magic Pin Cushion that glows in the dark, ABSOLUTELY FREE!  Just pay separate shipping and handling of $5.95"
     This would indicate that the advertiser does not know the meaning of the words "absolutely" and "free"....or he is certain in his understanding that Americans are finally, en masse, a doltish bunch of boors with little or no critical thinking ability.

     But Barack Hussein Obama might be about to run out of teleprompter.  Perhaps the pilot light finally lit up after many matches were wasted in the effort to start up the water heater.

    During his "address" to the nation about the true nature of the Obama Socialised Medicine Offencive, he was backed up by the usual choir...sometimes they are doctor dolts in white coats, looking like idiots...sometimes they are police and/or fire department union thugs in police and/or fire department formal dress looking like the union thugs....other times it might be teachers' union thugs lined up like sides of beef hooked up in a cooling chamber....standing behind the beloved leader while he explains how the Republicans want everybody to die in a fire while being raped and murdered, all the while being hopelessly illiterate and ignorant because the Republicans cut back on funding for police, medical care, firemen, and teachers.
     We are waiting for the group of emaciated children who are in the process of starving to death who cannot eat because the Republicans will not give them food.

     Obama can say that he is giving everyone free medical care all the time and only the rich will have to finally pay their fair share.   But suddenly, there are little teeninesy differences....such as ".....and you may even be able to keep your own doctor".....He has come close to saying that the average family will save 60% over what they are now spending except for those vast majority who will pay 100 to 250 per cent more.   Even the same doltish, wealth-hating labour unions have leadership and membership that is saying a little louder than a stage-whisper that the working man, the rich man, and the poor man are going to be fed into the Soylent Green machine, run by marxist elitists.

     Even Nancy Pelosi has gone back to Restful Acres Sanatorium where she can waltz around with an invisible partner....dancing all the day in the gardens of  the institution....babbling and seemingly permanently smiling, wide-eyed and cheerful..."The Republicans need to learn about the birds and the bees" and "The Pope is unclear about certain points of the Roman Catholic Church", and, of course, humming the melody of her favourite song, "You Have to Vote for  It to Find Out What's In It"   (The same melody used in that classic, "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour, On the Bedpost Overnight).

    We are moved by this last choir of "Common People"....the very people for whom leftist elitists have the utmost contempt.  But there they were, full of their proud dull doltishness, expressing their approval for receiving "free" goodies. They endorsed the notion that they had already won the lottery.   Like the Judas Goats, they were thinking that they would be spared as they attempted to lead the sheep into the slaughterhouse. 

     It all rang flat.   Obama fell flat...he sounded flat....he knows that he is starting to lose Democrat votes in the Lower House and the fear is spreading on the floor of the Upper House that some folks might not vote for a Democrat incumbent, just because he or she approved socialised medicine for everyone except him or her self.

     Further evidence that shows a disconnect from reality is yesterday's rambling, narcissistic soliloquy, filled with self-adulating immersions into the Great Hall of the Offended Victims...."Thirty-five years ago, I might have been Trayvon".   The moaning about how black men have to listen to the clicking of automobile doors when walking by white folks' autos....the whining about how black males have escorts throughout the stores....the song of tragic victimhood about how black males are familiar with always being just one step removed from being offended or even brutalised by White Cracker Dogs.

     Earth to Barack Hussein are lucky.  You were Trayvon.  You were a dope-smoking, dope-dealing slug....slip-sliding your way through the academic jungle...getting by on the basis that you could not be measured very sharply, because the soft bigotry of low expectations was your magic carpet and secret key to all success.

    You hid behind your Kenyan parentage to remind the leftist professors that you deserved not just a "C" for showing up to class, but a minimum of a "B"....if not an outright "A"....considering all the discrimination and slavery that your ancestors had suffered in America at the hands of Americans.   Which was none.   In your entire ancestry, you never had any remote aspect of the Negro experience in the New World.

     Mr. President, you might feel entitled to have us pay 100,000,000 dollars for your African Grand Tour....but you really are not worth it.   You know very little, understand less, and govern as a child playing mind games that might have a name like "What if....?"   Your silly folding of self into the issue of Trayvon....first suggesting that were you have had a son he would have looked a lot like Trayvon....and then stating that you, in all your splendour, were Trayvon....reveals that you are horribly low-class and disrespectful of the issues surrounding the death of a child, even one as troubled as Trayvon.   You were not Trayvon. 

      You and your progressive and other extreme leftist social engineers are, however, in a very real sense, the fathers of Trayvon and all the Trayvons who measure their worth with how evil, violent, tough, and criminal they can be.  A boy with a mother, who is not "there", and a father who is not "there'', who is reduced to staying with his father's girlfriend....although she, as well, is not there joins the ranks of now 77% of all black youth who have no father until after they are dead.   They are the children who "stay"....they do not have homes.
  They are the children who kill each other....11,000 during the time Zimmerman waited to go to trial....11,000 black men killed by other black men....most of whom had no souls....only welfare...soulless, cold, condescending welfare and slavery....being owned by people who take care of them just enough to turn them out to vote one more time to keep Sharpton and Jackson well-heeled and flush.   Sharpton, Wright, and Jackson along with the coterie of parasitic slugs known as Democrats who care about people and minorities and children and women's issues and global warming and global cooling and the animals and life in the Hamptons and in the Vineyard.
     Obama, you are nowhere near brave enough to turn on a pudgy, old white cracker and push him down to the ground and attempt to bang his brains out.   You are not even brave enough to be the coward that the bully is.   You have always hidden behind wealthy marxists and communist "minders" and "life guides", almost all of whom have been white.  You have even hidden behind the skirts (or pantsuits) of pitiable personalities like (Sir Edmund)Hillary and Susan Rice, among others.   Odd, but predictable.

     You were a convenient piece of lazy, malleable potter's mud who was taken up by and for the convenience of wealthy, marxist, elitists to be used in their continuing effort to destroy America, fundamental liberty, and freedom from government dominance of the life of free men and women.   You were trained to read words written to be heard by people with little discernment concerning the meaning of words and long as they sounded like something they thought they wanted to hear.   Hope and Change.   Fundamental Transformation.  Forward.  Revenge.  And never forget, always make the rich pay their fair share.

      You are the kind of dreg who would slink off to Las Vegas while the remains of a consular compound were still smouldering in a relatively important place on the Mediterranean coast.   You were off to your fund raising and the equating of Mitt Romney with a wickedness he never had and that you will surely never shed.

To think that you judged Romney thus,
when you are a person of such base class,
with no moral grounding,
no academic accomplishment after spending so much time in the university environment,
and no business experience,
and no real work experience of any productive nature,
none that you can cite,
no professors or fellow students,
even fellow marxists and communists,
who remember much about you,
unless, of course,
it was the quality of the dope you sold.

     Your new fine raiment may please you, but more and more people are failing to see your elegant garb.   And believe me,  it is not a pretty sight.


   We ask that all OROGs visit the Anglican Curmudgeon's site for a look into the conversation between Satan and Beelzebub that was apparently recorded surreptitiously.   It is funny, spooky, sad, and instructive....quite an intellectual and literary marble cake that always treats the serious reader about matters of the soul and culture.   About 8 minutes...two reads...for best understanding.

    We pray for the state of Christ's Church and for the health of America.   El Gringo Viejo strides ahead toward that time when, in friendship with all Nations on the North American Continent, Texas can take control of its own affairs as a sister nation to Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

El Gringo Viejo