Friday, 26 July 2013

The Guantlet Is Thrown - A Veteran Mails His Letters

July 26, 2013

James R Hathorn
1566 Greenwood Lane
Forestburg, TX 76239


The Honourable John Cornyn
Senate Finance Committee
517 Hart Senate Office Bldg.
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Cornyn,

As a veteran of the Air Force, with two tours in Vietnam, and having worked for 29 years until retirement from a major company, I have invested much in this country and do not want to see it “fundamentally changed” from the greatest experiment is liberty ever conceived.

 This letter is in regard to the funding under consideration for the “Affordable Care Act” also called “Obamacare”.
This constituent is extremely concerned about the destruction this law will cause for our country.  There has never been a law created, passed, and now possibly implemented that was forced on the people in such a devious manner.

We now have one shot at stopping this law.  After that it will be virtually impossible to stop it from forever making us a truly socialist state.  If we do not act now there will be no recourse.

Please use all your resources to help defund or otherwise refuse to fund Obamacare.  We urge you to use every ounce of extra effort to influence your peers in the Senate to support you in this effort.  We believe this is the most important issue to face this Country since the original signing of the Bill of Rights.
We expect you to spend as much or more energy on this problem than any one you have faced since 2002 when you were elected as our State’s representative in the United States Senate.

You need only need 41 votes to stop the funding in the Senate by filibuster… probably the only last resort we will have if the House is able to do their part and send a budget de-funding Obamacare to the Senate.  If the Senate does its part, the budget will go to the President where he will be faced with either passage or veto.  In the case of a veto there would most probably be a government shutdown whereby the President will have to take full responsibility.

We know your Texas peer, Ted Cruz and the other freshmen Senators, Rubio, Paul, Lee, and several others will not rest until every vote is counted in favour of de-funding this terrible law.  These young representatives are the future of the Legislative branch of our government.  We Americans want to see them get the professional respect and consideration they deserve.  We hope you and the senior members will join them.”

Thank you for your attention to this most serious matter.


James Hathorn