Friday, 26 July 2013

I cannot commit treason, said Franklin to the Parliament. I cannot commit treason against the King, because I am not his subject. I am an American,


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    We cannot commit treason against the United States of America, because we have not conspired to overthrow the government or structure of that Nation.  What has happened to the United States of America is something that she has done to herself.   Our primary allegiance is owed to another place, because while we accept the fact that we lost the War Between the States, due to the willingness of the Union side to throw recently arrived Irish immigrants onto Confederate bayonets,  we have never withdrawn from the constant belief that all governmental control is best kept weak, and best kept within reach of a well-armed citizenry.
    To be within reach of ones government,  that government which has the greatest control of the ventures and adventures of its populace, it is best that that government be local, and certainly nothing beyond or larger than  a large old European Duchy or one of those pitiable European nations locked into the small corral of socialist bondage.
     The Americans have moved steadily, since the War Between the States, and more especially since 1933, on a path that has contradicted the intentions and functions of government as set forth in the Constitution of that great and noble Nation.  That entity was founded from within the clouds of expended gunpowder and upon the sacred grounds blessed by the blood of its sons.  It was blessed by many favours by Providence.
     The cause of the War against the Crown was, quite simply, haughtiness and arrogance, on the part of the Crown and Parliament.   They knew inside their brains and souls  that they were strong and that the colonists were wrong.   In an Empire where they could show the highest regard for a "king'' of an unknown island in the Pacific where breadfruits could be harvested, the British betters could show only slight regard for the Welsh and the Scots, no regard for the Irish, and even less for the Americans.
     We point out these failings as they now repeat themselves.    The American Constitution has been folded and stretched to the point that the words have begun to change meaning.  The people who run the affairs of the populace have no problem engaging in the most ridiculous contortions.  To wit:
      Article I -  Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of a
                           Religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging
                           the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right
                           of the   people peaceably to assemble, and to
                           petition the Government for a redress of grievances.....

 ......becomes something that means that manger scenes on a common are prohibited.   Any displays of a religious nature become verboten because the many might offend the few.  Somehow, the will and the ability of the few to offend the many became, over the years, more important.
     This is in spite of the fact that, in America, things moved along with simple abrasiveness between and among the many and varied views of the Cosmos and the deities emanating from those precincts with surprisingly little difficulty, relative to other heterogeneous cultures.   It seems to have had much less bloodletting than what the English had enjoyed only a few score years before the establishment of the United States of America.
     One is humoured, for instance, that so much killing, beheading, yelling, and screaming could accompany, even to this day, people of an Anglican Church and a Roman Church  having an argument over the importance of one bishop or another, between two Denominations that share but a hair's breadth in difference.   At least they were no so long ago.

     But our differences have become more grave here on this Continent.  It has become an issue of whether we shall be relegated to the role of laboratory mice, to be ruled by social engineers playing the role of the mad professors, or if we are to live as freemen and sovereigns  as sons of the Creator.

     We prefer to live, and we must live, apparently, grouped together among ourselves, abiding by a social compact between each of us with others of us.
     However,   we now find that within the precinct of Washington, District of Columbia there is a disposition to impose at every turn,  rules, prohibitions, licensings, permitting requirements, compliance demands, taxation for projects which we oppose as a people, and taxation and deployment of our citizens to wars that are not declared.
      Over the past 20 years citizens of Texas have been deployed and have helped win three different undeclared wars, and all three wars have been won, make no mistake.   Much, if not most of the victory was secured by Texians and people drawn from the States of the old Confederacy.   While we do not disregard in the least the contributions of the millions of others, we do point out, as Texians,  that we have a particular resentment as we watch this present Administration and its governance throw away these victories, however complicated, and allow the gains made both for the United States of America and the countries where we invested so much. t0 be squandered.
     The compulsion of the Democrat Party and its leaders, especially those found in the United States Congress and in this present administration to allow the gains made during these wars to dissolve like sand castles built too close to the high tide reflects the innate, intuitive, and instinctive anti-American mentality of the present administration.

     We could await new elections, but there is little recourse.   One party is bound and determined to follow the road to perdition that is mapped out by the socialist elitists.  Perpetual deficits, perpetual stagnation, perpetual demagoguery, and perfect control over each least and greater aspect of every person's life is the aim of these intellectuals.  They know nothing and understand less.  Their supposition that they, and they alone, know the proper deployment of the time of each person's allotment on this Planet bespeaks that perfect arrogance of the perfectly ignorant.  They are certain that they are the first ones to have discovered the magic method of governance.
     And, there is another party that seems ever disposed to lose gracefully and search for another sword to render to the enemy to formalise each defeat.

    And there are the Libertarians, even those who are natural and common law types who have gained some place in the Washington, D.C. environment. They seem to offer something  that is very similar to our traditional values, but it is  tinged with a kind of respect for upper-class anarchy that would replace In God We Trust on our currency with "I'm Okay, You're Okay".

     There are those who see these machinations in Washington, D,C. as a form of conspiracy; that both political parties are actually the same under the control of ten or one thousand very powerful people who know where all the controls are and how to operate them.   There are others such as this writer, who point to the historical truths.   Among  those truths is that there have been many  who thought they are in control, and almost all  arrived at unfortunate endings.

     Here, in Texas, we do not care any longer what transpires in Washington, D.C. in increasing numbers.   We cannot commit treason, because we are Texian.   We are reassured in our conviction because we witnessed the Attorney General of the United States of America essentially declare War upon our Country.   When we were finally liberated by  a condescentious Supreme Court in their determination that the time had long passed for any real value for the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to be applied to Texas, the Attorney General was quick to notify the American public that he is poised to file suit against the Republic of Texas due to Texas's continued and demonstrable pattern of racial and/or ethnic discrimination in terms of accessing the right to vote.

     It is a form of derangement.  Texas has Black people who are Republicans representing districts that are majority White in the Texas Congress.  Texas has Latins who are Republicans who have represented and continue to represent ethnically mixed districts in the United States Congress.   Texas has 75 per cent of its territory and about that same number of its citizenry under Republican control byCounty and incorporated entities.  In those areas, perhaps one or two per cent of the public corruption takes place within the Republic of Texas.   The Democrats have about 25 per cent of the territory, counties, and incorporated entities and about the same percentage of the Republic's population.  And, they have about 98 per cent of the public corruption that is committed in the Republic.
     There is absolutely no restraint placed against any citizen of this entity in terms of accessing and casting a ballot in any election.   The complaint arises strictly from areas where ultra-leftist operatives, trying to instigate unrest, especially of an ethnic or racial nature, try to point out preposterous scenarios that could possibly keep a 143 year old "Hispanic" from being able to vote.   It is outlandish, impossible, ridiculous, insulting, and a form of pernicious mendacity that we, as Texians, reject categorically and totally.

     The mere fact that a member of the Executive Department of the Government of the United States of America, to wit: Eric Holder, would level such a charge and threaten this entity with legal action essentially serves as a foundation for dissolution of Union.  It absolutely justifies our resolve and our correct conclusions.
     With the Mexicans we have our problems, but we also have our solutions.   We also have our good times, fond memories, sound friendships, and much more positive than negative freight in our bags.   We can conduct our own arguments and agreements with them much better than can the Central Government in Washington, D.C. no matter who is residing in the White House.
   We particularly resent that we are lectured on ethnic and racial matters, when the  Attorney General, has been held in Contempt of Congress for various administrative and moral failures not the least of which have been failure to comply with subpoenas and lying under oath....a felony.
     And concerning the Mexicans, Eric Holder, as Attorney General, has never adequately or even minimally, explained how guns that he authorised to be placed in the hands of bloodthirsty cartel gunmen managed to be involved in the killings of hundreds of innocent collateral civilians caught between cartel confrontation, or in confrontation between cartel elements and the Mexican military.
     Eric Holder and his Government Union thugs under his supervision fed hundreds of what they thought would be untraceable weapons, many of them easily automaticised, into the hands of the drug cartels.  The intent was clearly to establish the notion that  these firearms were being sold by gun dealers in Arizona.   The problem is that the firearms were being bought or taken by the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agents under the premise that they were going to be used in a renewal of a variation of the Bush administration's "Wide Receiver" program that fed weapons to the cartels with tracking chips.
     Bush's administration had some success, co-ordinating with the very reliable Mexican Army and Naval Infantry until suddenly the Army had to advise the American Justice Department that the cartel people  had figured out that the firearms they had gained were "chipped".   Agents involved were withdrawn and the program discontinued overnight.
    The Obama initiative, handled by the proven liar and prevaricator Eric Holder, was designed simply to show that American firearms sellers and buyers were untrustworthy and the ATF was therefore, by executive order, going to shut down all private firearms and ammunition sales.

     The fact is that the Obama people and Obama himself were unaware that the Mexicans have a fairly good forensic ability.  It is a form of bigotry that the Obama people and Obama had this opinion.   But suffice to say when large numbers of dead and wounded children, women, men, and semi-honest cops, and honest cops, and heroic soldiers and heroic naval infantrymen are being tabulated as the days went by, the Mexican authorities were puzzled by the fact that the weapons traced back to the ATF.
    And, they had no co-ordination agreement.   The Army and Naval Infantry had all but a perfect record in such co-0rdination and was confused about having been left out of the loop.   The Obama administration has never responded to the issue, choosing instead to say that it was (a) classified as a matter of national security, and then later (b) guns that had been supplied by private parties after illegal sales by gun shops and dealers, probably....which was a lie, or (c) on national Spanish language television during the 2012 presidential campaign, by saying that he had inherited the program from the Bush Administration and shut it down early in his administration. 
  And all the innocent dead and wounded Mexicans?   Since Obama and the Democrats and Eric Holder care so very much about civil rights and for "Hispanics", it is odd that there has  not been one word of acknowledgement or lamentation.   Another form of lying.
   All of those involved at the field level have been either allowed to retire under full pensions or have been promoted to higher paying positions in Washington, D.C. to serve out their days.  It is, to be sure, a peculiar punishment, or perhaps it is a reward for not divulging or testifying accurately about the particulars of this horrid episode.

    Amazingly, these are the least of his offenses against the old and noble Constitution of the American Union. Before,  he had  specialised in things like the dirty business of arranging the obtaining of Presidential Pardons, as in the Marc Rich case with Hillary and William Jefferson Clinton, during the latter's last hours in office in 2001.

     As an orginal apologetic for the increasingly obvious need for Texas to withdraw and join the sisterhood of Independent Nations, I submit these observations as a call to passive and active measures to the end of a deserved independence from the continued abuse by rule by bureaucrat and decree.

In this I believe.
David Christian Newton

aka El Gringo Viejo.