Thursday, 11 July 2013

Keeping Our Eyes on the Ball


   The issues simply seem to evaporate.   Our attention is redirected on an hourly basis from Benghazi to the "What difference does it make?" and then Internal Revenue Service violations and corruption....which crowds out the daily mendaciousness of the entire Administration.....that long ago buried from view the issues presented by "Fast and Furious".
Alexis de Tocqueville

Benjamin Franklin
     Much of the above is specific material, referring to one issue or series of issues that unfold as might a really bad five-act play that is about 9 hours too long.   Such has been the nature of these past five miserable years.   But, baseball taught us all to "keep our eyes on the ball".    Fielders, batters, people in the stands, fellows in the coaches' boxes, runners, staff and players in the dugouts and bullpens.....all those places are subject to being shelled at any given second by a 108 stitch,  5 ounce cannonball travelling 150 miles per hour.
      Our attention must be maintained over the public organisms that have delivered us to the point of our perdition.   As in the sacred Anglican admonition concerning the Decalogue .... the American civil catechism requires the knowledge of the First and Greatest Commandment, which is Franklin's declaration to the enquiring citizen..."We have given you a Republic, if you can keep it!".   And the second Commandment is like unto it, that being the warning from the brilliant Frenchman, Alexis de Tocqueville who feared that the Americans would lose their marvellous Republic at that point when some grouping of parasites, forming a majority learned that, through democracy, they could invade the Public Treasury to destruction driven by the "Let them eat cake" vote buyers.


   The Central Government, through its labyrinth of secretariats, agencies, bureaus, and commissions has become the Nouveaux Simon Legree, directing our birth and all other of our private and public affairs, up to and including the price our exit payment.   We have become the slaves we were designed to become....clamouring at each calamity for the intervention of Simon to bring money and further bondage so as to abate our misery.
     To enjoy Marse Simon's largesse, we must sacrifice our daughters and dignity at times.  At other times we must face and endure the whip and cane, so as to placate Marse Simon's desire to inflict a little pleasurable pain upon his chattel.
    Save me from those who wish to help me when I have not called for help.
El Gringo Viejo