Tuesday, 9 July 2013

After Good Rains, Hot Days, and Very Cool Nights and Early Mornings

    This small collection of photos is included so that folks can see what happens with 91 degree afternoons, 56 degree overnights, and about 14 inches of rain over a three week period. In our nearby mountains, four or five miles to the west, there have been the typical prodigious rains....one hears that as much as 30 inches have fallen at the middle and upper elevations during the same period.   Nothing too phenomenal....rather normal....but normal is good.
    It is rather a pleasant matter to deal with the tonnes of butterflies and birds that advantage themselves of the proliferation of flowering things, the new minerals that are found at the edge of numerous puddles, and just the generally pleasant ambience.
We catch Alvaro working on the land down
under, surrounded by near jungle-like scenery

This and the picture below, essentially gives
 the OROG anunderstanding of how wooly, green,
 and "filled-in" things have become during this wet,
 hot, and cool mixture of ambient influences came
 to us, sent by a happy choir
of angels.

This is a carnivorous cactus flower, a bug eater.  Not exactly
the fragrance to build a perfume company on, but an inter-
esting plant to be sure.   The locals call it "starfish cactus" or
"paper flower" cactus.
This is how Flamboyan tree blossoms appear, up
close and personal.   This is a late bloom, due to
the late arriving, but bountiful, rains.


Once again, just a few pleasant scenes so that you all will know that we are not completely stewed in battery acid and No-Doze.    We shall have a bit more commentary in the next few days.   By-elections in Mexico deserve some comment, as well as the activity around our little mud hut.   Thanks for the interest.
El Gringo Viejo