Monday, 3 June 2013

Whales Doing Belly-Flop Whoppers!!

"I first learned about this....after I woke up after having been in a deep sleep for the past forty years."
      Bill Clinton testifies one day in front of the silly 9-11 Commission.  Some had thought that William Jefferson Blythe might be called to account because he had not dealt with Al Qaeda in any serious way.  He had had three opportunities to "take out" Usama bin Laden, and was found to be either yellow or AWOL in each case.   No questions were asked about that matter.
     Blythe-Clinton was allowed, on the other hand, to pontificate and self-congratulate to the point of stultifying  boredom.   He pointed out that it was his administration that put into place the program known as "Eagle's Talon" all along the borders, which was designed to watch for and intercept them-there funny-looking little Arabs tryin' to sneak in with their bombs.   Billy Jeff howled at the moon about how his program was so successful because he had all but personally apprehended the fellow who was heading to the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) with the intent of blowing up planes and/or facilities.
     But because of Billy Jeff, that-there funny-looking little Arab fellow was captured.   And not a soul on the panel said a word.   It was like (Sir Edmund) Hillary shrieking, "What difference does it make?"  She should have been quickly instructed, "Listen bat-breath, it is important to the people who care about who, what, why, where, and how something happens to American personnel deployed in areas of increased risk.  "Why did you lie to the parents on the tarmac, saying that you were going to put that video-maker in jail for having provoked all that violence?"
     So many liars...chronic, pathological liars....where do we start, or end?   But to return to Billy Jeff, he failed to mention that his "Eagle's Talon" program was set into place 4 months after the incident when that funny-looking little Arab had been detained and arrested by a female border guard at the crossing point between Canada and the United States.   She moved on a hunch because of the deportment of the subject....acting nervous...which led to an examination of his automobile's boot.
     But Billy Jeff declared in front of the whole world and his mother's ghost that ''his" program, Eagle's Talon, had been the key to the capture of this deranged terrorist.   And not one panellist would press the point.
     Then we have Eric Holder, who is a proud marxist and a certifiable, pathological, chronic liar declaring that he had never heard of the Fast and Furious Program until a few weeks (weasel term alert) before the time of his being questioned before a Congressional inquiry.    Later, once the documents had been pried out of the Department of Justice with a solar- powered crowbar,  Eric Holder had to admit that he had actually been involved in the planning and implementation of Fast and Furious many, many months before.
     Not to be outdone, Father Obamaham told UNIVISION that Fast and Furious was a program that George Bush had foisted onto the Continent of North America, and further, that Eric Holder....that great legal mind and administrator....had actually closed it down.   Can you hear the seismic KAH - PLOOSH of the 400,000-tonne Great Blue Whale doing a back-flop into the Sea of Cortez, and causing a Tsunami from Mazatlan to Tucson?
Fact?   Fact is that the program "Wide Receiver" was put into place by the Bush Administration.   The program funnelled certain semi-automatic weapons through a capillary system of informant/providers who had worked well with American authorities in the past.  These firearms would wind up in the hands of middle and upper level cartel people, and reliable authorities on both sides of the international boundary would have more and better information about the who and where of certain personalities of interest.
    It worked well....closely co-ordinated with the Mexican Army...until such time that the cartel people figured out that the guns were "chipped", and were being monitored.   The Mexican Army informed their counterparts in the American Department of Justice, and the programme was dropped overnight.  No further transfers were made, and human assets were moved around to avoid unnecessary exposure to some of the most hideous, soul-less people on the planet.
    The difference between "Wide Receiver (Bush)"  and "Fast and Furious (Obama/Holder)" programs  is that Bush's program was aimed at finding and apprehending or eliminating cartel people, while Obama's program was aimed at framing legitimate gun-dealers and destroying them along with the concept of private firearm ownership in America.   That objective, as stated by El Gringo Viejo, is not something that the rightwing crazies dreamed up one day.   It is the actual reason, as divulged by people who were involved with  the "Fast and Furious" idiocy.   There was no concern about finding out who had the guns, only that they came from gun stores in Arizona and that they would be used in the killing of Mexican and American military, police, and civilians (preferably women and children).
     A cry would be raised against the "merchants of death", bills would be introduced and, zappo....stroke of a of the land.   Turn in your firearms or head for the Gulag.   The "gun stores" are closed,  forever.
     The American press?   Silent.  The concern by the low-information, low-intelligence voters?  None.
      Blatant lie.  Blatant complicity by the press.  Almost 500 now, dead in Mexico with Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives distributed weaponry over a two year period.   Remember, we only count the Mexican soldiers, Naval Infantrymen, honest to semi-honest cops, and the civilians caught in the crossfire between cartel squads who spray without discretion.
Most of the casualties were in the northwestern part of Mexico, although others were in the west....near Guadalajara.  At least two were American civilian police personnel, killed in Arizona.  Fast and Furious, indeed.
     These are the people who say it is Rush Limbaugh's fault that Miss Flukie cannot have my daughter and granddaughters pay for her oral contraceptives. is George Bush's fault that a programme that he did not establish...was horribly evil of motive....was the Death of hundreds of innocents....was abolished by Eric Holder and his thugs.   It must have been true....because Barack Hussein Obama said so in front of a television audience numbering several million during the 2012 Presidential campaign.     If Bush is mistaken, then that is a lie.   If Obama lies, then it is the truth.  The new definition of journalism.
El Gringo Viejo