Wednesday, 15 May 2013

While We Are At It


    Would it be at all possible, now that there seems to be a few cracks in the wall, to have the Border Patrol, or BFI, or somebody go and pick up Auntie Zietuni and Uncle Omar Onyango to be removed to the detention and await their deportation.....tomorrow?
    Their possessions should be removed because they have lived, supported to a level they could never have comprehended in their homeland, by invading the systems of public welfare and assistance that is provided to slugs, dregs, and bums who want somebody to buy their lottery tickets, food, medical,  shelter, electricity, and manicures and hair extenders for them.
     Auntie Zietuni and Uncle Omar are illegal aliens and orders of deportation have been issued twice for each of them.  Highly paid attorneys from powerful and well connected firms have managed to obtain delays and/or appeals....while these two....who are actually furious that welfare and other public support has been insufficient for their liking....continue to rack up payments that are well on their way to 2,000,000 USD since their combined arrival in this horrid country that does not give enough to the immigrants who are the onliest ones who make this country great. 

    Please do your own research on this.   Zietuni Obama and Omar Onyango Obama.  Google them is much worse than your humble servant states it here.
Thanks for your time and attention.
El Gringo Viejo