Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Sorry about the sudden changes!

    We ask your indulgence.   The OROG will of course have noticed that our format has taken on the appearance of  an early Soviet government publication.  This is because we were trying to make a couple of small adjustments, and learned fairly quickly that google systems that worked at one time, now do not function.  The service that makes homespun blogger site so easy to set up have made other changes that do not permit a person to return to from whence he has arrived.
    It is improbable that the repairs can be made before our departure to-morrow for our little mud hut on the side of the Sierra Madre Oriental.   We shall continue to work during the day on this, as time allows, but my technical ability is not such that I feel willing to open up the HTML code and perform surgery.   So this will probably take time....or we possibly will construct our own, made-from-scratch blog platform.
El Gringo Viejo