Sunday, 26 May 2013

Making Contact: Brain beginning to function

   The last few days have been a bit of a drag on the old carcass, but we are finally  beginning to hit on all three of the remaining cylinders.  There was a pleasant meeting with an old school chum of El Gringo Viejo's daughter.  He is a recently retired ranking sergeant who served both in Iraq and Afghanistan....multiple deployments, as it is stated. He was taken out of his beloved mobile artillery / armoured cavalry / Patton-tanker-man area of service and redeployed as a unit commander of a very forward base unit.....on multiple redeployments.
     He was and is a good and faithful soldier.   Patriotic and committed.   But.....politically correct mandates, orders, re-orientations became too much for this professional warrior.   Heavily decorated warrior.   The feminisation and homosexualisation  became, increasingly,  the mission, the tactic, the strategy, the existence, and the purpose of the United States Army.    Coupled with the notion that the Fort Hood Massacre is, to this day, classified as "workplace violence", it seems to me to be useless to risk further exposure in Afghanistan to a people who are inferior morally, emotionally, and in almost every other way except for a willingness to be proudly backwards and insane and filthy.
    Perhaps this story is being told throughout small, medium, and large town America, on an hourly and daily and weekly basis.   This particular soldier gave up his interest in serving further after suffering the torture of one thousand small cuts.   These little slits and small slashes were not caused by the enemies of our flag.   They were administered daily by the hierarchy's insistence in fighting, what to them, are the more important wars than the one composed of the various stated military missions called THE WAR ON TERROR.
     Rightwing and Leftwing crazies....and as you all know El Gringo Viejo might be slightly lumped into one of those categories....howl and point at the sky, clutching their chests....that the War on Terror is a Bilderberger / Prescott / Council on Foreign Relations / Communist / World Bank plot to re-order free or nearly free societies into human anthills carrying wealth to the 1% control group.
     Steel Buildings Don't Burn!!   Bush Did It!!  Putin and the Mountbattens and the Japanese Royal Family Did It!!  The American Big Bankers allied with the Red Chinese Did It!!
     The problem with the logic of all these labyrinthine constructs is that the speakers pre-suppose that there is an established Control Group with an agenda that marches along, completely as planned, and it is an irresistible force.  That is why everything is hopeless.  So remember to write your Congressman so that we can stop "them"
     The illogic is palpable.   It states as fact that there are large conspiracies that have total control of everything.  And further, they are trying to establish control of everything.   Which of course begs the question:   If they control everything then why do they have to establish control over anything?
     It is like the fellow who spoke very convincingly on overnight radio back in the 1980s about how George Herbert Walker Bush flew over to Paris to meet with the ayatollahs ruling Persia at the time to make certain that they would keep the American hostages they had illegally detained until after the 1980 elections.   This would be done to help guarantee the election victory for Ronald Reagan against James Earl Carter.  George H.W. Bush even flew the SR-71 himself, with the help of a co-pilot, because Bush had been a combat pilot "ace" during WWII.
    Of course, a pilot of a lumbering Avenger torpedoe bomber could never achieve the title "ace", but who cares about facts?  Bush was, at one point, the youngest combat aviator in the Navy's service and he was awarded the Navy's Distinguished  Flying Cross.   He flew 58 combat missions, almost all against moderate to heavy resistance.
     And, of course, why did the ayatollahs wait until Reagan was sworn in to release the American hostages.   Why did they not just let them go after the election?   They were thinking, perhaps with Reagan, once in charge of the little red button, that Teheran would look like the "new Nagasaki" in the next twenty minutes.

ALL OF MY POINTLESS COMMENTARY IS NEITHER HERE NOR THERE.   The fact is, if "they" have complete control, they would not have to lie at every turn. Think of the number of lies that were told during the establishment of the Obama National Socialised Medicine Initiative.  They called it "The Affordable Care Act"....and awarded exemptions by the barrelful to their friends in low places.   All we would have to do to find out what is in the Act is to pass the Act first.
     Think of Hillary Rodham's stunningly phony testimony and her arrogant statement, "What difference does it make?" As if she had been forced to condescend to the point of condescension in order to condescend to respond in a reasonable way to a reasonable question, asked to her by a nobody....a little person....Sheeeesh and oy veh!
    The massive and stunning voter fraud pulled off by the IRS against the dull, common, regular work-a-day people who carry their own load and a little more....the Tea Party essentially an Act of War against the common citizen.  The failure to account in any way for the heavy-handed, illegal excesses of the Fast and Furious debacle, the useless flying of Hillary Rodham around the world are offensive enough......Arab Spring indeed.    One of the characteristics of the totalitarian tactic is to be doing what you are accusing your  opponent of being "up to".    We remember well the incessant drumbeat of the Democrats....'voter suppression against minorities'...and the  absurd assertion that the presentation of a photo/thumbprint ID would somehow "intimidate" any or some significant grouping of people into not voting.
    The notion that the Democrat establishment, the Obsolete Press, the Peoples' Republic of Massachusetts, and the President...and the entire reality show that is the Democrat National Socialist Labour Party can foist off Aunt Zietuni and Uncle Omar  on the taxpayer is nothing less than an Act of War against the common man.   It is aggravated by a War Crime which now includes the IRS approving a non-profit classification for Barry Soetoro's brother...who is an imam....of a mosque in Kenya.   And the approval was retroactive...almost three years....and approved in less than two months.  And the mosque is not built, nor is it in operation as a mosque, and it is primarily staffed by Barry Soetoro's sisters-in-law....all 16 of them.
       I mean, why don't we whip-up a television situation-comedy, soap-opera, reality-game-show about an American president with no academic record except for diplomas, no publications, no classmates, no professors running to the microphones to say, "....I knew Barry when"....and see if we could sell it.  I guess if we could throw in the President's brother being a Kenyan imam, with a non-existent mosque in Kenya, doing non-existent religious/charitable work in Kenya, and that imam has 10 or 15 wives in Kenya, it would be more believable.    It would be more believable if the first pilot showed the imam in the IRS office, sweatin' to the kweshtuns, like any good Kenyan.  And then have a half-naked Beth Midler, playing the part of BeyoncĂ©, come out and declare, "Your IRS application has been reviewed and approved, and we have also approved your request for three years of retroactive effectivity of your mosque in Kenya, and the employment of your 'more than ten but fewer than fifty' wives as outreach workers and Sunday School teachers.  Your refund has been sent electronically to your account in Nairobi, the little bank, by your mosque.  You're good to go!  Good luck!"  (fade to tattered Che' Guevara t-shirt)
     What could the reviews be?   Pressure-cooker blowingly hilarious?   Throat-slittingly outrageous?   Work-place violently brilliant?  Suicide-vestingly intriquing?   Where did the real world go?  Why doesn't the Kenyan imam brother take Auntie Zietuni and Uncle Omar back to Kenya and "help" them?
El Gringo Viejo