Friday, 24 May 2013

Back in Town, Catching my Breath

  A few of the Flamboyan trees around our little place.   While there were numerous of these varieties of the class of trees known as jacarandas in really full bloom throughout the region, ours had only begun to bloom in earnest about three days ago. 
     The name for this tree in the English is Royal Ponciana, and there is a smaller type with the name Texas Poniciana or Pride of Barbados.   At one time, long ago, we thought that this particular type of tree was found only in the tropical lowlands and wetter mountainous settings  of the Mexican north and east.  But,  in fact, it is found far and wide, in Brazil, throughout the Caribbean, and almost anywhere in Central America, and the northern, and lower elevations of northern South America.

     The "regular" jacarandas come out earlier in the year, usually with an effusion of blue or lavender  blossoms that can cover the entire tree.   In the west of Mexico, jacarandas can be found with white flowers.  All of them, the flamboyan included, are famous for having the long sword-like, seed-pod.

here at our gate, one
can note a "reluctant"
Flamboyan that has just
begun its bloom, while
the one across  the street
is well on the was to
full bloom
     To the left,  is just another nice example of the famous old standby, the bouganivilla, which has been well established at the Quinta, with seven different colours being present on our grounds.

    To-morrow we can talk a little more about things that are going on in Mexico, in Washington, D.C.  and elsewhere.   My reaction to most of what is going on moves my inclination ever closer to dedicating my efforts more towards the benevolent withdrawal of Texas from the American Union.

More Later.
El Gringo Viejo