Thursday, 2 May 2013

Ghosts of Benghazi


Hillary Clinton Living History Parody
(Facial provided by ACME Sandblasting)
When (Sir Edmund) Hillary stridently shot back a return question, instead of answering that which had been submitted to her, she was following the time tested Marxist tactic, "Always assert, never deny".   Her posturing, flourish, and at times weepy testimony was well calculated and practiced.....designed entirely for the dull and the committed who trundle along behind Hillary as if she were some kind of a religious icon in an outdoor procession  in Italy.
     The gauntlet was "....What difference does it make, now?"   The politicians sat dumbfounded that anyone could possibly be that calloused and self-centred.....which, of course, has always been her forte.   She has always been disposed to bald-facedly lie, to throw other people in front of the train, and/or seemingly evaporate in the face of questioning or well-founded contention.
      The notion that the woman who came up with the "....telephone is ringing in White House at 03:00 in the morning....who do you want answering that phone?" ....advertisement was somehow disposed to leap over tall buildings and stop speeding trains in defense of her nation...was of course a sham.   Hillary Diane Rodham cares about one thing...and one thing only.   There are 114 (conservative count) dead people, not counting the casualties at Mount Carmel, Elk City, McClennan County, Texas....who wound up dead while simultaneously being peripherally, indirectly, or directly involved in some nefariousness that included Hillary Diane Rodham. 
      This linkage provides "the short list".... .

     This explains, as well, the almost hysterical nervousness of Mrs. Web Hubbell when she was begging that her husband "roll over one more time" with false testimony taking the blame for illegal billing at the Rose Law Firm.  It was billing that credited Hillary's account of charges for legal services....for work that she had not done.....for clients that were not on her client list.   Such "laundering" normally results in disbarment, but in Hillary's case it resulted in a sort of promotion, and Hubbell left his 3rd highest position in the Department of Justice to go make license plates for Uncle Sam.
     The hysterical, nervous call was taped, as a matter of pro forma procedure at the prison housing Web Hubbell, and subpoenaed by the House Judiciary Committee.  It was then stupidly played for public consumption, instead of being held in reserve to play at Hillary's deposition or possible open testimony.   It was a foolish move by the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, who was thinking, perhaps, that the Mainstream Media would have to get on board against the Clintons, after hearing Hubbell's assurance to his wife that he would roll over one more time so as to avoid having to bury his wife.

     These charges are so outlandish that any reasonable person cannot possible take them seriously.   That is Hillary Diane Rodham's protection.   That is William Jefferson Blythe's protection.  They thrive in the slime of extreme, and over-the-top mendacity.   They move in the realm of the outlandishly brash.   For instance, can anyone here imagine what the Obsolete Press would have done had George W. Bush availed himself of  the services of an intern half his age...for whom he had the implied and certain responsibility to protect and not use?   Can anyone imagine how long it would have been before he would have been sitting in prison?  All the Skulls and Crossbones in the world could not have saved him.   Mon Dieu!  Think of the Women's Movement....Gloria All Red and all the Saints of Beelzebub...!

      So, here we are with Benghazi coming back to the surface.   After (Sir Edmund) Hillary's "stomach flu" episode....sudden emergency real live Secretary of State duties taking her to the opposite point on the Globe to the location of Washington D.C. ....  and then, of course, an extra three or four weeks to recover from the Immaculate Concussion.....lo and behold...voila' and shazaam!   Wunderwumon  descends from the clouds and deigns to contaminate Her presence with the commoners.  She tells one bald-faced lie after another, and then exits, stage left.
     There may be a bit of karma left.   It is clear and demononstrated that Hillary Rodham was lying under oath....serious business for dumboes such as El Gringo Viejo and most OROGs.   She is the same type of stuffed suit...Straw Man's wife in the Wizard of Oz, nothing more, and certainly something less, as was her husband and as is this horrid Marxist we have occupying the White House at these hours.   We shall see if the karma can work up enough gumption to  bring natural order back into the precincts this disgusting woman has striven to rend asunder.   It would be a daunting task.
El Gringo Viejo