Thursday, 30 May 2013

Abolish the Fingers that Choke Us

Yesterday we solved the problem with illegal immigration.

     Almost 90% of the problem is  one of allowing people who are here illegally,or who arrived legally and then remained here illegally, to be allowed to   glob onto the free money.  Those funds are provided by the Socialist Democrats and the money winds up in  Big Business and Big Bank Panhandling operations.  The large grocery chains and the banks tell us that "It's great for the local economy.  We need our fair share of the free money.  Our Congressman really brought home the bacon!!!"....and disregard the fact that they turn previously pleasant places into war zones and horrid, Detroit-like scenes from Dante's Inferno.

     Before, even legal aliens were prohibited from becoming "wards of the state" or the committing of any crime.   Doing such meant immediate deportation.
      The next step is to simply abolish the Internal Revenue Service.   The Central Government in Washington, D.C. has no right, no need, and no justification to anything that pertains to something as private as our incomes and wealth situation.   It is simply none of the Central Government's business.
       If the Central Government knows a person's or a family's income, sources of income, methods of investment, it can destroy that person or family with the greatest of facility.   It does so frequently.
      Be aware, citizen, that the Internal Revenue Service is exempt from rules normally in place in terms of legal processes.   There is no presumption of innocence.  There is no recovery of items and/or money seized.   Seizures can and do occur without warrant or process.  When they wish to return your access to your accounts, or your property, they will do it, or not.
      There is no due process, no matter what they say, because if a person fights back, they immediately begin to harass family or friends near or next to the "accused".   They use the rules of the Democratic Courts of the French Revolution.   Rules change in the middle of the investigation.  It is one mouse and one hundred cats.
      The Internal Revenue Service will take all documents, and they will grill all family members incessantly.  They, like the FBI, will say that the wife has already confessed and so if you do not do the same we are going to go ahead and process her for prosecution and declare her a flight risk.
     As we hang around in the saloons, coffee klatches, and beauty parlours, we can gently point out that once the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative goes into full implementation, the enforcer of compliance with the "free medical programme" of EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN, EXCEPT FOR HILLARY RODHAM AND NANCY PELOSI, will be the central government's Internal Revenue Service.
    The Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative provides for what will become over 40,000 NEW investigators, all employed with the Internal Revenue Service, all carrying badges... with access to SWAT Team enforcers.   They will be making absolutely certain that every single American has been forced into something much different than,".....and if you want to keep your doctor, you can keep him/her....and if you want to keep your'll be able to keep it."
    Unfortunately, what we will receive in our Kwanzaa stocking, will be a Red Chinese lump-of-coal cookie, wrapped with a note that says," find out what is in your Free Medical Policy, you will have to vote for it".
Please indulge these pleasant, humour-wrapped, grump-outs.  To-night, the solution for funding governmental operations.
El Gringo Viejo