Tuesday, 23 April 2013

We'll take your baby for a few years and raise him correctly...and we promise to give him back!


James Hathorn
Apr 9
to me
     A far left TV host, Melissa Harris-Perry, has a program on MSNBC.  She is a professor of African-American studies at Tulane University.  She, recently, made comments on her TV show that openly displays the absurd misplacement of values regarding our children.  Ms. HarrishyphenatedPerry says that we as parents do not own our children, they belong to the state.  (See Melissa Harris-Perry)
     This is the same bilge Hillary RodhamhypenatedClinton spewed in her rag, “It Takes a Village”.  It is the same terrifying ideology that spawned the Hitlerjunge at the rise of the Third Reich. Their ayran children were physically taken from their parents and put in camps for indoctrination and education.
      The left’s persistence in the education of our youth is a viral infection which our immune system seems unable to suppress.  We (some of us) remember the “days of rage”, the weather underground and the SDS – students for a democratic society.  Bernadette Dohrn’s socialist manifesto, “Prairie Fire”, documented the movement and strategy to indoctrinate young people to join.

Back on point, Ms. Perry has outed the left’s agenda to destroy the nuclear family.
We send our young people to war to defend the country with guns.  When they come home they now find out the government they fought for does not want them to have a gun to protect their family.  The government can have guns but the citizens cannot.
The picture is clear.  We are (becoming) a commune where there is only one family the parents being the government.  Healthcare is not provided by the biological parents, it is provided by the government.  Education is not provided by the parents, it is provided by the government.  Protection of the nuclear family is the responsibility of the government, they want your guns. 
A commune as in “communism”.  We are getting there very quickly. 
As El Gringo Viejo and yours truly believe, the time is coming for the Republic of Texas to secede from the socialist union.  Texas is the last port from the perfect storm.

El Zorro