Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Remember the Equal Rights Amendment

We should remember the Equal Rights Amendment that the Margaret Sanger Sapper Battalion foisted upon the unsuspecting American public some time back.   Its ghost rests withing the vacant halls of the Dustbin Museum, along with the Berlin Wall and most of Havana de Cuba.
     The Equal Rights Amendment was another of those things that float out of Washington, D.C.  with the total approval of all the right people, the marxist press, and  Mother (Sir Edmund) Hillary in her day, as well, as I recall.
      It passed both houses of the Congress with the required two-thirds vote, it had the approval of the "moderate" Republicans who believe in nothing and everything at the same time, very strongly but not in any extreme way...unless it is absolutely necessary, or not...maybe.
      The Constitutional Amendment to ban segregated restrooms was just fixing to be ratified by the last three or four states for the three-quarters necessary, when all of sudden, on the Johnny Carson show one night, some liberal Hollywood type girl....a very young actress of some currency....we forget her name....said to a slightly older and much more famous actress that she wasn't all that hot for the Equal Rights Amendment.  She allowed that she had a real problem using the same restroom as men...especially when she did not know the men.
    The older and wiser and much more important actress just exploded at the new bimbette who waited for the more important actress to finish her tirade.  Johnny Carson looked on with that nervously quizzical look that he had mastered, as if he were waiting for a real mud-wrestling, hair-puller.
    The younger girl simply responded that she still did not like having to use a restroom where there a bunch of strange men hanging around.   Johnny intoned that he understood, because sharing hairspray and eye liner would be out of the question.   The applause - 0 - metre  gave the younger girl about a 15 to 1 approval edge, and then they broke for commercials.
     Something caught fire that night.  Within the week several States were in the process of rescinding their ratifications of the ERA.....while the Democrats were telling those States that they could not rescind, and that the Congress was going to amend the length of time for the other States to get on the bandwagon and ratify the amendment.   Kind of like New Jersey Rules...don't you know....Corzine style...Torricelli style...
     The Equal Rights Amendment failed and failed miserably.  Just like (Sir Edmund) Hillary's Free Medical Initiative in 1993 - 1994.    Both were thought to have been automatic slam-dunks.   Perhaps the reasonable, calmer heads among the homosexuals will recognise that contractual is more to their benefit than Sacramental.
     S0 we shall see if the winds change across the desert while El Gringo Viejo is gone.  To-morrow finds us on the road south to our little adobe hide-away.   We are going to try to make it to the little chat room in the Estacion de Santa Engracia with more frequency this time, and thereby have a few more contributions.  We shall see.
El Gringo Viejo