Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Ultra-high Weasel Alert!! Weasel Alert!! Weasel Alert!!

This is the same Moran who took possession of the tape that two people made by intercepting Newt Gingrich's private, telephonic transmissions...."accidentally".   Moran turned the tapes over to the then Mainstream Media people so as to show the horrid, conspiratorial nature of the then Speaker of the House.   The tapes and the taping were and are still a form of serious felony, as was the further distribution of said tapes, but, of course, Moran is a hypocritical, weasel (enter any number of horrid names) and there was no prosecution of anyone....because, as we know, all actions by Democrats, progressives, and marxists are pure, innocent, and for the greater good of the downtrodden, the children, the funny-looking people, lesbian Canadian lobster fisherpersons, and minorities everywhere.

      Moran also had a problem of his own because he kinda-like, you know, sent a staff aide back from the airport with his briefcase, one time, because he did not need the briefcase on the flight.   Problem?   Well, it seems like there was a pistol in the briefcase...no permitting or anything....in Washington, D.C. where the gun laws were and are draconian.   The staffer was hung with the collar when he went through the metal detectors back at the Capitol building.  Moran blamed his memory lapse, after first denying everything and anything about the incidence involving him.   We think it is referred to as the Mary Jo Kopechne - Vince Foster - Benghazi Rule.

Virginia Democrat Congressman Moran
Hypocrite Extraordinaire, Blue-
Ribbon Weasel
(click below for moving pictures of a weasel, weaselling out of answering a question like any self-respecting weasel, posed by a hi-information, high intelligence pro-2nd Amendment lady voter)

Gun Grabbing Dem Ignores Tough Question From Female Gun Owner At Town Hall

Your friendly weasel-alert officer,
El Gringo Viejo