Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Fool me once, Shame on me....

The old expressions are frequently the best impressions.
So, we will employ the old admonishment, but with a slight variation.   It goes,"Fool me once,  Shame on Barry.  Fool me millions and billions of times, for real....shame on me."  Repeat Oh! mighty Senators.  Barry Soetoro is a mendacious, marxist who relies on shallow phrases and postures to fool a large body of the electorate that has limited abilities in terms of deduction, discernment, and comprehension.  Do not be the straight men for this comedy act.
     The "charm offencive" executed by the Manchurian Poseur is drawn from a script that is inspired by a  focus group of dullards.   It follows one of the latest of the failures of the focus-group-before-last that gave the White House the unsound notion that it would be able to scare the beejeebies out of the low IQ and information people and the dumboes who think that  a minuscule tightening of the Central Government's budget would result in granny starving to death as she goes over the cliff in her wheelchair. 
     The president was unrelenting with his  threats that children would be unattended, that burro meat would replace good American beef...and it would be rancid burro meat.   He was careful to point out that crippled  children would not be able to go to Head Start where they could have free food, and their braces and crutches would be melted down to provide hull reinforcement for the yachts of the millionaires and billionaires.    Worst of all was that  the White House would have to close because there was no money to provide services for the basic White House tour for the "commoners".

     So, to make up for all of that....the "charm offencives".   The words"charm" and "marxist" are not often found together in the same gulag.   The thought of equating a teleprompter reading, Saul Linsky robot  with something "charming" seems even a bit perverse, if not downright repulsive.   When the Manchurian Poseur arranged the night out with the White Boys and Girl at the Jefferson Hotel, El Gringo Viejo was very hopeful that they would understand that they should say, "No, Mr. Soetoro,  I am pretty busy.   Come by to-morrow and see my calendar keeper.  She might be able to work you in sometime during the week.   And we'll meet at my office, with  witnesses of my choosing, and everything will be filmed and taped.   And, the answer is 'no' to any new taxes or 'revenue enhancements', and 'yes' to tax cuts to impulse economic activity, and 'yes' to cancellation of any implementation of the Socialised Medicine Offencive".

We forget the name of this particular ursine
 specimen, but he was in counselling for
 several months after encountering Joe
 Biden and his double-barrelled shotgun.
  Some unfortunate misunderstanding
about something pertaining
 to a picnic basket.
      Fool me once, shame on you....Fool me a million, billion times shame on me.  You all looked like a bunch of fools going to such an affair.    What was to be gained?   Are you going to make Miss Fluke think that she can and should pay for her own birth control pills?   Or are you still willing to bargain with Barry about charging it on to my granddaughters to pay?  

Answers to the name of Boo Boo
and wanted for collusion with
Bear Known as ''Yogi"
The charm offencive was so patently an effort to recover from the dead-dog drop in Barry Soetoro's polling, and the roaring with laughter in every saloon and beauty parlour in America about how and 1.5% "cut" ....(reduction in the rate of growth, actually) would cause  grandmothers throughout the nation to be found frozen to death in front of the cracked saucer with the empty can of cat food turned on its side....all the grandmothers...frozen to death.    All the forest rangers eaten by the bears because there was no money for bullets for the park rangers guns and there was no money to buy the Bears their special IAMs BearFood Delight, especially made for "indoor Bears".....The bears had to eat something, and the NRA is hoarding all the bullets....and the lines were too long at the airport for any resupply to make it to the Park Rangers in time to do any good.....Whew!  Can you all imagine?    And all those pink slips to all those teachers?   And everything!!??

        Even during these hours, it is becoming clear that the little pretender with no passport, and no transcripts, and no work history is still crying "Wolf, wolf! There's a wolf coming to your door!!"   And the spoiled little boy and all his sycophants and entourage will be going to Martha's Vineyard soon, where they can rub elbows with the swells.   How many Air Force Ones and Twos and Threes will be required will depend on HRH Michelle....and her willingness to condescend to fly on the same plane as her husband.  The rumour is that Michelle's mother does not like to fly, and so they are arranging an 9 car train for the AMTRAK to run, for the mother-in-law and her basic retinue.   Nothing special.....beyond the dining car for one, and saloon car for one, and the observatory car for one, and then the six limousines for one to make the  transfer from Boston to Cape Cod.   They are going to take over the entire Chappaquiddick Memorial Motel 6, just for Michelle's mother.   Mrs. Robinson is schuduled to play cribbage and canasta with Barry's Auntie Zietuni Obama and Uncle Omar Onyango Obama during these days of Global Warming and Cooling.   Mrs. Robinson can inquire about how their deportation appeals are going.

GRRRRRRrrrrrrrr.......Republican Senators....Just because the band is playing does not mean you have to dance.   Thank you very much.  Your move.
El Gringo Viejo