Saturday, 9 March 2013

So Sad...from the voice from the other side of the mountain


The White House tours have to be suspended because of the dreaded sequester. Now Barry can leave his dirty underwear out and pizza boxes on the coffee table. It only costs $18,000 a week to facilitate the tours compared to $181,000 an hour to ride in Air Force One (and Two). Imagine that a single one way trip to Hawaii could keep the tours running for well over a year. What cut would be the most effective to inflame the low-informed-voters that can cause the greatest amount of indignation against Republicans and conservatives? It is not conceivable that the sequester could not cause epidemic proportionate suffering. How can it be that the “sun came out and the birds are singing…” etc. It is sad that something so trivial can be the biggest story of the day.

We have much larger problems. The idea that proposed spending cuts are cuts is preposterous. Any cuts associated with a budget, we have not had one from this President yet, are simply a reduction in the amount of proposed increase in spending, not a real reduction in spending. In fact, spending will still go up by at least 5%. This pompous imposter we call king… I mean President, says “we have commitments we have to meet, we are obligated to raise taxes to pay for things we have committed to” (paraphrased). Actually the elephant in the closet is the ObamaCare atrocity that has not been funded. Without that, we could keep current spending levels. It is sad that truth about spending is not the story of the day.

ObamaCare is the largest single invasion of personal privacy ever in the history of this country perpetrated on its citizens. Except for John Roberts’ absurd deciding vote on the Healthcare law, ObamaCare would be DOA. Even Obama and the Democrats said the bill was “absolutely” a fine, not a tax which would have been illegal under the Constitution. What was the payoff for the Chief Justice? What dirty thing happened? We need to know. This stinks to high heaven that the IRS is the enforcer of this unconstitutional law. It is sad that the Supreme Court has the power to shred the Constitution without recourse.

Then there are the drones. It is just another invasion of personal privacy. The issue being made of the issue is that drones might be used to kill American without due process. Yes, that is bad; however, the larger problem with a government drone program is what can happen to our privacy. Who knows what the drones constantly circling overhead are doing. Are Americans to be watched 24/7 by the CIA, Military, IRS, or the President’s secret service? This is what Americans should be concerned about. Obama pulls troops out of the war zones and putting in drones. This removes guns and men from the military. There is a similarity between that and his use of drones and the attempt to remove guns from civilians. Theoretically, drones could be used to find guns and gun owners. As paranoid as this might seem, it is not beyond this man’s modality to use technology to control the population. It is sad that we have evil at the controls of our country.

These are random concerns of a very concerned citizen. It is sad because what is happening is seemingly not stoppable. 

Our hope today is in primarily 4 brave men. We have to watch, support, and pick one of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Mike Lee. These are the new leaders of the Conservative movement and Tea Party. We need one of them to come out in front to challenge in 2016. In the interim there is the 2014 mid-term election where we have no more important task than to keep and increase conservative numbers in the House of Representatives and take the Senate. Nothing less is acceptable.


Allow me this last note of privilege, to the increasing number of our readers:

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