Saturday, 9 March 2013

Jackson, Penn, Carter, and Chavez, Gag...

     A finer group of dregs and slugs could not be assembled.    We send a black man from South Carolina to the United States Senate, under good process and order, and the Obsolete Press refers to the act as a "sop", a "token" ...or having an "Uncle Tom"  who can be controlled by the Tea Party.   The Democrat National Socialists send a woman to the Senate from Massachusetts who is at least 123/124ths Caucasian and they call her Pocahontas.
    The DNS people specialise in frauds, grifters, shake-down artists, embezzlers, and all nature of thugs such as demagogues and shysters.  They, like Fidel and Hugo, like to "take care" of people.  If they don't feed the people, after all....who will?    If they do not "give" the people medical care....who will?   If they do not house, educate, entertain, and polish the peoples' back porch floor....who will?   Georgo Bush?

      Let us consider the case of one of America's premier shakedown artists.   Perhaps the greatest poverty pimp to come down the pike, rejected and run off by Martin Luther King, Jr. during the last days of his life, Jesse Jackson has made quite a record of useless, low-class demogoguery and it has paid out well for him.    That stated, it must be pointed out that his main squeeze from days past....a secretary who worked for Jesse's Operation PUSH (People United to Save Humanity)....was paid well to keep her mouth shut about their mutual "love" child to save humanity.
      While Jesse was busy shaking down nervous businessmen who did not have sufficient testosterone to tell Jesse the way to the exit, and please leave by the back door, Jesse was also taking grant, contribution, and endowment money and paying dane geld to his squeeze person so that she would keep her mouth shut and her baby quiet.    That worked out well enough, except for the rule that if more than one person knows a secret, before long, everyone will know the secret.  It will still be a secret, but at least everyone will know what it is.  
      It turns out now, of course, that Miss Main Squeeze of the Moment has moved against the Reverend Mr. Jackson for failure to pay agreed support for Miss MSM and her "love" child.  There is nothing in the Obsolete Press about this because of the Obsolete Press's absolute adherence to even-handedness concerning such matters, so the law suit against the Saviour of the Poor and the people included in the Campaign Platform of the most Reverend Mr. Jackson as divulged below, (creditting a quick review of Wikipedia) is pretty much an unknown matter.    To wit:
Campaign platform
In both races, Jackson ran on what many considered to be a very liberal platform. In 1987, The New York Times described him as " a classic liberal in the tradition of the New Deal and the Great Society".[2] Declaring that he wanted to create a "Rainbow Coalition" of various minority groups, including African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Arab-Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, family farmers, the poor and working class, and homosexuals, as well as European American progressives who fit into none of those categories, Jackson ran on a platform that included:
With the exception of a resolution to implement sanctions against South Africa for its apartheid policies, none of these positions made it into the party's platform in either 1984 or 1988.

All OROGs will note that Jesse had the same slack-jawed, stupid, canned-phrase idiocies spewing from the mouths of his focus group assemblies as does Barry Sorotero.   These people never change, because the stupid and dull who want somebody to take care of them always want the same thing.   They want someone to take care of them, give them money, and to take the money from the people who have anything more than the stupid, lazy slobs who want other peoples' money.   Free Money!...boom,boom,boom,   Free Money! ....boom, boom, boom!
We also remember that Jesse laid claim to having been " Martin's side....", at the time the fatal shots were fired.  His blood, ostensibly, splattered on Jesse...Jesse tried to stop the bleeding....Jesse was a mess, smeared and covered in the sainted Martin's  blood....according to Jesse.   And according to no one else.   All the other people there at the time declared definitively that Jesse was not there at the precise place of the death of MLKing.
     Jesse was personna non grata within the sight of MLKing.   King had turned his back on Jesse, literally, one or two weeks earlier when Jesse kept interrupting an organisational talk being given by Mr. King.   Jesse was interrupting with baited questions about the lack of fervour on the part of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.   There had been a lot of "internals" going on because King was shedding some of the marxists in his organisition, and on that day of questioning, Jesse became one more of those.
     The groupie-fix suffered by Jesse, however, caused him to be guesting in a hotel room, one floor below Mr. King's room on the day of the assassinatation.  There is disagreement, however, concerning whether or not he was even on the hotel grounds at the precise moments.   The earliest anyone can say that he "might" have arrived on the scene is about 20 to 25 minutes after the shooting.
     This inclusion is excerpted from to-days screed, from a Chicago local television station facebook commentary line, and was submitted by a fellow who seemed to be known and deferred to by the facebookers....who, by the way were a mix black and white group, almost all (97%)  dumping down on the Jesse clown.   To wit:
Larry, that's not exactly how it happened. Jesse was not present at the assassination of Dr King. After a year of trying to attach himself to King, the camp knew him as the hustling grifter that he is, and ran him off weeks before the murder. Jesse showed up at the Chicago City Council meeting a week later, waving a bloody shirt, and the lie had wings. He may not be The devil, but he is A devil.

     Folks, you all know this without having to be told.  We have written before about how Jesse would tell audiences about how he would spit into the soup of the patrons of the country club where he worked as a waiter....I believe it was a college job.     He made the mistake of gloating about it among the mainly Black staff, as if it was great fun, and as if they, being almost all Negroes, would "side" with him and find his deportment humourous.  He learned a bitter life lesson when in fairly short order he was facing the Food Service Director in order to pick up his last check.
       Jesse has been running his extortion racket now for almost forty years.   He has never worked, since his days as a tuxedoed waiter at that country club, and simply lives by his extortions.   We remember how he declared, while he was counselling William Jefferson Blythe, who also had a zipper problem of some sort or another, that he was going to have to "retire" from the public view and "get right" inside of his soul.  He intimated that he might be out of the public view for considerable time.   That absence lasted a little less than three weeks.    We still remember the images of Billy Jeff lumbering around with his Bible in his hand, being contrite, humble, and so penitent that it made one want to snort in disgust...I mean feel really sorry for the guy.    A person had to feel sorry for Sir Edmund Hillary, too.  Seeing her ride off to Morocco at tax payers' expense to take a camel safari, in spite of having a, wait, that time it was a "bad back"....She and Chelsea racked-up over 450,000 dollars of expenses on that camel ride....brought on by a broken heart, when she found out that Billy Jeff was actually "doing something" with that chubby, narcissistic Jewess intern from California.   She kept secrets real well, too.
      What a bunch of reprobates  about whom we have this afternoon.   They fit well at a Chavez funeral...someday within this century perhaps....they will have to gather at the edge of the abyss again to dispatch another soul to eternal damnation...when Fidel finally croaks.  Perhaps he will order the repatriation of the money he has stolen over the past half-century so that the people of Cuba can buy a couple of extra tins of sardines a month.

Enough!  These louts sicken even my iron stomach.   We are hearing what must be El Zorro riding up in the darkness.   He is probably riding early because of the Daylight Savings Time....02:00 Sunday Morning!
El Gringo Viejo