Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Republicans and their anticipative challenges

     Robert Edward Lee had a troubling habit of considering what to do next, just in case everything went as planned, and just in case everything fell apart, and the mules bolted with the tongue.
      The Republican leadership, Republicans in general, are complacent dumboes.   Little matter be they Country Club Poofy Republicans or Rightwing Crazy (as your humble servant) Republicans.   Neither group associates with white trash.   For example, as we have written many, many times there are many more Latins who are Republicans voters than the pollster pick up on their radars, and they too are somewhat selective about their social orbits and associations.   They make wide berth around the food-stamp generation and the anchor baby latinoids.    It is just the way we are.   Perhaps it is one of our very most defining characteristics.
       Returning to the leadership, this lack of social exposure is, once again compounded by the fact that the leadership is either composed of marxists, one-worlders, LBDSGXNs, and saboteurs or they are really big Dumboes.    As the Sequester began, the Republicans should have initiated, but did not, an incessant insistence that the "President" wanted the Sequester so that he could continue to campaign.   It should have been pointed out, even before the Sequester began, that the President would move to do things that be be disruptive and offencive to the oestrogen, right-brain, and other handicapped people:
                                 (1)    In the coming days the President is going to tell you that we must cease programs that feed poor, minority children.   That will be a lie.   While the parents should feed those children, ongoing nutrition programs funded and/or operated by the central government can proceed fully, with a budget that is 105% the size that it was last year.
                                  (2)    In the coming days the President is going to tell you, through his various spokesmen, that criminals under prosecution will have to be freed because there are no funds to expedite their cases.   That is a lie.  Every central government court and prosecution district will have 105% of the budget that it had during  the previous fiscal year.
                                 (3)     In the coming days the President is going to tell you that air travel will be delayed by three to six hours due to lack of necessary Transportation Security Personnel and lack of sufficient Air Traffic Controllers.   That is a lie.   Every duty station has the same available allocations of funds as last fiscal year, plus five percent more.
                                 (4)     In each and all cases, the President can choose to make very small reductions in the rate of increase of the budget allocations for every one of the Departments he administers, and get on with the job at hand, or he can choose to remain the demagogue that he is and try to frighten the American public with visions of burning houses and moth-balled police cars and airplanes frozen in mid-air because they cannot receive permission to land.
                                  If such things happen, it will be because the President chose to let them happen.   He actually will have chosen to cause them to happen.   Why?   Because he wants to act as if only he can protect America from a group of people whose desire it is to starve old people and children....and to close down sewer treatment plants.....and to be big meanies.
                                 The President is at home leading from behind  people such as the Occupy Wall Street movement whose claim to fame is trespass, filth, obscenity, vandalism, decadence, sloth, and covetousness.    He is a surly extortionist and a person who literally changes his stories week by week.   He desires turmoil....he has not presented a fiscal government budget in the entire 5 years of his occupation of the White House....and he likes to campaign with lies, apparently on a full-time basis, instead of confronting the mess that he has made of the budget.
                                 Please, look at your daughter and your son right now.  Each of them owes over 100,000 dollars as their share of the national debt.   The President wants to change America into that wondrous classless society by making one and all ....very poor.  There are not enough rich people in the world to pay for his plans or to recover from his accusations and remedies....it is a sophistry that he hopes will continue to work on the people who are known as "low-information" and "low discernment capacity" voters.   Are you one of the stupid ones?   Are you willing to enslave your children and their children to the grey, drab yoke of the housing projects for everyone?   To the standing in line for a limp piece of celery?  To waiting in government offices for three or four weeks so as to obtain a permit to buy a pedal for a bicycle, issued by the Peoples' Commission for Safety, Transportation, and Egg Beaters?
      Remember, as an American, you are entitled to the truth.   The truth is that there should be no interruptions of central government activity or services in the coming weeks and months.   You can mark our words that there will certainly be no interruption of the flights of Air Force I taking the President to various campaign stops throughout the country, as he steps up his efforts to develop a rubber-stamp Congress....in 20 months from these days.
     And that is something like what El Gringo Viejo would have had ready if he were in charge of offensives for the Republican Party.   It is how one must deal with an extorting, thug, marxist, white-trash Community Organiser....with no transcripts from high school, and two universities, and no birth certificate, and no medical records, and with and aunt and an uncle living in Massachusetts for many, many years on the public dole...as illegal aliens...and a communist mother, father, and grandparents.    It doesn't make a pretty picture, but I did not paint it.
El Gringo Viejo