Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Pray for a Dawning...in Venezuela....in the United States of America

We pray that it be the Will of Providence to turn the people of Venezuela back into the humankind they were and to submit to the glory of honest toil for their advance.   We ask that the good order be restored so that what pertains to a person remains with that person.   We hope for the re-awakening of basic Christian understanding that covetousness produces neither wealth nor prosperity for the poor or anyone else.   We shall anticipate that all brutes who call themselves "men of the people" while enslaving them to the largess of stolen resources shall surrender themselves to the laws of nature and yield to the normalcy of Common Law instead of capricious, conceited dictatorship.
     We recognise that when "In God We Trust" becomes "stroke of a pen, law of the land" we have taken giant strides into the New Dark Ages and that Brave New World that is based upon bondage.
El Gringo Viejo