Thursday, 3 January 2013

Kirchner Grasping at Straws....and Islands

    Another of the World's Number One Most Admired Women....just think of everything she has done for the women....and the children....flounders in her own duplicitousness and mendacity.  Cristina Fernandez Widow of Kirchner, President of the Developmentally Challenged Silvered Republic of the Proletariat has sent a letter demanding the de-colonialisation of the Falkland Islands by HRH Elizabeth II.
    To-day is the 132 anniversary (or thereabouts) of the dislocation of Argentine interests from the Malvinas, and the renaming of said islands, The Falklands.  Cristie says, as usual, that agreements in the United Nations that even the Brits agreed to declare that colonial manifestations are to be erased from the globe.   Only the perpetually "going to amount to something in the future Silvered Republic" has the right to have colony.
     To this hysterically desperate....woman....communist....trying to salvage her presidency that she rode into on the casket of her dead husband....who is no longer with us...because he is dead....the "Malvinas Option" is her last hope.   She actually thinks that she will dig up the body of Eva Peron to tie onto the prow mast of some clunky Argentine man o'war, and that she will strap on the armour of Jean d'Arc and strike a blow for social democracy, anti-colonialism, Frida Kahlo, and all things that are good in the world.

Another deranged, demented, and debunked
"reformed" communist-lite demagogue leader
of a nowhere country plays her Ace of Spades
as she sees her Bolshevik Sand Castle wash
away, into the Atlantic Ocean.

   The term "Malvinas Option" is reserved for that last desperate measure taken by whatever regime is in place in Buenos Aires to salvage itself.  It always fails.  The Union Jack has remained over the Falklands before and it will remain there after Cristie has ceased even being a memory.   The facts are clear.  Argentina is in pitiable economic straits.  The Argentine peso continues to slide, insolvency is not something being spoken about in future tense.  Flailing measures such as uncompensated nationalisation of the oil company, air lines, and other foreign owned or involved businesses has been one of the mainstays of the poison brewing in Cristie's cauldron.   Private pensions of public and private sector employees, businesses, union, and non-profits are being usurped by the Argentine treasury in a desperate effort to put cake on the shelves for the hyper-dependent rabble that always make up the core of commie and socialist political support.

Argentine peso started off 2008 at $o.32
American to 1.00 Argentine.  As of this
morning, it is $0.19 American, or a
loss of almost 40% during Cristie's
presidentcy.  Very strict currency
conversion controls are in place.
Foreign reserves are exhuasted.
Hope and Change costs money.

    El Gringo Viejo thinks that the Argentine military will not fight if ordered.   This, truly, is not from cowardice.  It is because of the sobering deduction provided by  reality.   The last war with the Brits resulted in several thousand useless casualties on the part of the Argentine soldiers, many of whom were sent into battle without food, or even armaments.  The Brits lost several significant warships to Exocet missiles delivered by an Argentine pilots flying  Mirages and to bombs dropped from... (you guessed it...British built Canberra bombers.  The were many sailors lost in that event.   The Brits lost 777 dead and about 2,000 wounded.  The Argentines lost almost 1,500 dead and about 2,000 wounded.
     The fallacy of Cristie's argument about the United Nations imperative concerning  colonial properties is that a return of a piece of land to native ownership requires a plebescite including those same natives.   There is no doubt that the residents of the South Sandwich, Falkland, and South Georgia Islands would vote nearly unanimously in favour of staying within  that group of people who have the Queen's image on their coin and paper currency.

English Electric Co. Canberra

     Ah! Cristina, you are no Evita.  You really are like that other Queen of the Universe recently released from a hospital in the United States.   A media created falsity....a poorly constructed lie.

More Later, and thanks for being with us.
El Gringo Viejo