Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hey, Christi....Call yo' Daddy, O'bama


True Love

     Mr. Christie....once admired governor of a less than admirable State in the Union...New Jersey....was filmed last night and then again to-day, admonishing the Republican majority of all people for failure to have approved 60,000,000,000 (sixty billion) dollars of hurricane relief money last night.   The money was to have gone to the long suffering and victimised people of New York and New Jersey.   Supposedly
     But, allow us to observed very quietly that FEMA, emergency allocations, special relief for the dislocated, all such measures always...always...always...always (and the words never and always are dangerous words)...always result in waste, failure, knashing of teeth, whining, bellyaching, and the usual failure of 9 lepers to regard the civility of saying "thank you".
     We who are unsophisticated hicks and rubes who live in Confederate Country...we who are stupid and backwards....will always remember that the crews who left Texas and other points of the South to go up and work on the restoration of the power systems in New Jersey and New York were received in a peculiar manner.   Obscene gestures, shouts of "Scab", tomatoings, rock throwing damage to private company service trucks, and the like were common.   Why?   Because the workers, in the opinion of the fine and sophisticated people in New Jersey and New York, were either not union members or were members of the wrong union...or something.   Racial and geographical epithets were also common.
   And so, now comes Governor Christie.   He who literally slobbered over the most miserable excuse of a person to have ever held the office of president of the United States...doing a jive shuffle like some kind of as to pick up a few dollars to rebuild his crummy, thoroughly corrupt state.  Corzine, Torecelli, and...and...Christie...Corzine Torecelli, and Christie.
    Obama says...yessir, we're gonna cut right through all that red tape and get the job done.  You government people listen to me.  Git all the money to these people rat now!!! I so order!! Git it done!
     Then Mr. Christie says, "Oh mighty massa president...we loves you because we talked on the phone many times and I could tell that you really cared about us and you are going to take care of us...we loves you really big.   You're not like that crummy Mormon who thinks people ought to take care of themselves...he doesn't care about little people like you do...we like you and we really don't like him.  I'm ashamed of him and the Republican Party.   We like empty promises and showboating carneys like you a lot better than that Mormon with the 12  wives.
Oh! I'm going to faint over the rush of gratitude for your having come here and given six buckets of vomit disguised as empty promises.   We loves you Mr. Hero President Magical and Wondrous Superman."
"For a fat white boy, your not so bad, cracker.  I'll get
right on those C-5As full of 100 dollar bills just as soon as I
get back to Washington.   FEMA will take care of everything
and you'll have a brand new State early next week.  Promise."
     HEY, MR. CHRISTIE -   WHY YOU BLAMIN' DA REPUBLICANS?  You said Obama's gonna take care of you, already.  Now, Youse da guy dats complainin' already?   Complain to yo daddy Obama...He's yo daddy now.
      Christie might even change parties soon and reveal himself to be the dull liberal that he has always been.   He is a slug and a charlatan.   His speech at the Republican National Convention was a bit of foreshadowing about his staking out a "moderate" spot on the playing field in order to "take back" the Republican Party from the "TEA PARTY extremists" and to establish the Republicans as the "socialist lite" and nice and reasonable party for the 2016 elections.
Puke on the whole Queen for a Day thing.   The entire State budget for one year for New Jersey is only 30,000,000,000 dollars.   The Gulf Coast people, Nashville, and Joplin pretty much did everything on their own.  You have no professionalism...and no shame, Christie.
El Gringo Viejo