Thursday, 27 December 2012

Inconvenient Anecdotal Weather: Sorry, Al

This is just a brief point for OROGs to use to re-enforce their certain knowledge that Al Gore is wrong and that facts are correct.   While the minimal Hurricane Sandy was immediately brought out by the climate change / industrial / government complex as a poster girl for Global Warming/Climate Change, nothing has been said in the Obsolete Media about the almost incomprehensible nationwide deep-freeze affecting the entirety of Mother Russia, from eastern and northernmost Siberia to the Ukranian frontier in the west.
     The climate change zombies always lie, and they always lie about everything.   If they declare something to be true, it is a lie.  If they fail to say something about a phenomena because it contradicts the canons of their religion, it is a lie by omission.   They lie about the climate because they see climate and weather as a way to forward government control over the inferior masses they wish to control.   Advantage?   It goes to the climate change zombies because most Americans have arrived at the point that they are no longer capable of critical thinking.  A large minority can still clunk through a matter with the rusty gears in their brains functioning fairly well to see through the truly very feeble arguments of the climate change marxist zombies.
     More polar bears than ever?   Makes no difference.  All the polar bears are going to drown tomorrow because such stories make children sad, and further causes them to hate George Bush.    What if too many polar bears means that too many polar bears are brutally killing and eating too many baby seals and walruses?   No problem, because the Obsolete Press will just not mention anything about a really, really inconvenient truth.
     Perhaps a film of the Papa Polar Bear bashing a 4 month old Baby Polar Bear cub to death, battering his body into pieces, just so as to protect his own future domain is a little inconvenient for the Third Grade "ecology class " at the Mandela - Guevara Academy on Park Avenue.   They had best stick to "Oooooooohhhhhmmmmming " the Chevrolet Volt so as to let it know that we love its soul and the spirit that it embodies for the good of all oppressed peoples....and Kwanzaa....and everything.   And guns are bad, too.   Very bad!! BAD! BAD! BAD!
A man walks in a snow-covered park in Russia's southern city of Stavropol.  Russia is enduring an abnormally cold winter, the most severe in more than 70 years, according to local media.
     So what does Al do when he's there overlooking the Pacific Ocean from his love nest, built well below where he assured us the water-line would be by 1995, after the polar ices caps had all melted.   How does he explain temperatures of 58 degrees Fahrenheit BELOW ZERO!  In Siberia, yes, but 100 miles south of the Arctic Circle.   And how does he explain that all records in Russia have essentially been broken in terms of the last 70 years, and that 100-plus reporting stations have set all-time record lows, from the far eastern parts of Siberia to the Ukranian frontier?    Even Moscow has been enduring failures of their much vaunted "winter-proofed" subway system....because the electricity cables have been snapping.   For the  last two weeks and, it is estimated, for another week or two, all children everywhere in Mother Russia are ordered to remain at home....a "snow month" so to a country that is remarkably capable of carrying on in hostile winter conditions.

A man walks in a snow-covered park in Russia's southern city of Stavropol. Russia is enduring an abnormally cold December, and after a "warm-up" around the time of Orthodox Christmas, early January, the "real" winter will begin in January and February.   The man in the picture was rumoured to be AlGore, who was in town to deliver an updated lecture about how Stavropol's future is doomed to be an Amazon Basin type of place with Wild Native Americans riding one-ton, sabre-toothed,  flying piranha fish.   We could not confirm that information, however.   What is certain is that Stavropol is over 300 miles south of Moscow, much, much closer to Instanbul and Tbilisi than to the Capital of Mother Russia.   To be fair, it does not look like the picture above to-day; the temperature has been in the 40s F....but the rest of Russia to the north and east is still locked in deadly cold.

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Just a bit of holiday reading for the informed.   Sorry Al.
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