Monday, 5 November 2012

We Want Your Child...Now

     Statists and marxists marched for the right to have you pay for the indoctrination of your child yesterday in the much vaunted MILLION MUPPET MARCH.....the name of said march changed later to "million puppet march" due to unauthorised copyright infringement....and even later had to be changed to the "Several Dozen Slugs and Dregs Who Are Marxists Who Make Course and Profane Signs with 'Inspired' Double-Entendre Messages That Are Really Cute to Explain to Four and Five Year-old Children Pointless Stroll....NOW!".
Several million guides to the proper raising
and care and guidance of children poured
out to person the barricades against the fascist
 counter-revolutionary forces who oppose
 women, children, LGBTRZOA, and
 political prisoners....and torture. and
 Big Bird...and everything.
    Estimates of the crowd size ranged from the organisers' count of several hundred million to the actually count of 425, which was quite impressive, considering that they only had one month to organise the event.
     Perhaps it is time that Big Bird move out of the house and get a job.   Surely Planned Parenthood and Service Employees International Union can pick up the tab by providing advertising patronage.
El Gringo Viejo