Sunday, 4 November 2012

This Benghazi Thing

    As the days go by, and with each paragraph of reliable or reasonable or probable information crawls into the light of Truth, it appears that this Benghazi thing was nothing good from the start.   It seems as if there were many uncles, but no fathers.  It also seems as if it proves rather definitively that Barak Hussein Obama has had a policy from the beginning of his regime to back the Muslim Brotherhood's overall objectives in Arabia as well as within the Caliphasia.
     By Caliphasia, El Gringo Veijo means that vague but real understanding on the part of radical Muslim extemists who agree upon the general objective of establishing Shiria Law throughout the world, and the enforcement of that law upon each living soul on the face of the earth.  There are many faces to this movement.  Some are in concert with others, others are in concert with none.   We are familiar with the specifically dedicated movement that intend to destroy Judaism, all Jews, and especially the spectre of  Jewry existing or being practiced within "Palestine".    These movements and organisations are generally lumped into the Hezbollah and the Jamas groups...who themselves do not see beheading to beheading on many issues.   Christianity and the other major religions and spiritual philosophies are lumped under the file marked ''Judaism" by almost all these bloodthirsty psychopaths.
     Whether is it politically correct or not, it must be observed that among the very first things that Barak Hussein Obama did after his election was to go to Cairo and speak sincerely about the errors of America's way.   He pronounced that there had arrived a new spirit and a new reality to finally establish fair and equal relations between the Muslim world and the American Union.  From the time he took what he considered to be the sceptre of authority, the sly accommodation of certain Islamist groups and missions was tolerated and other Islamists  who were more involved in reclaiming tribal territory and returning that tribal territory to the 9th Century after Christ were to be harassed and/or destroyed.

Be sure to tell Vlad that after the election I'll be able
 to shake all the Cracker trash and their Toms, and we
 can get down to some serious social progress
 and social democracy for the people being
 oppressed by American Imperialism.
     The reduction in force in Afghanistan, and the purposeful avoidance of gaining an agreement in place to allow a significant American military presence in Iraq for a period extending past our formal declaration of the end of bellicose action showed Obama's and his hidden handlers' true hand.   The Machiavellian dumping of old Mubarek, with all the attendent politically correct shibboleths  about his being a horrible dictator resulted in the predictable outcome....something worse than the disease was caused by the medicine.   Dump the Shah, Batista, Samoza, and Mubarek and we wind up with the Ayatollahs, Fidel and Raul, the Ortega Brothers, and Muslim Brotherhood.  Obama's foreign policy and world view is controlled by the same people who provided Elian his jet-plane ride back to the Workers' Paradise in Cuba.  Varlerie Jerrod and Elizabeth Warren are not personalities who just happenned to spill out of the cauldron during the openning scenes of MacBeth.   Van Jones is not an accidental fixture found in the White House, he was simply a little too loud-mouthed, stupid, and "out-there" for this particular stage of the destruction process.  They are all dedicated marxists whose number one objective is to destroy both the Old Zion (Jewry, Judaism, and the Zionist Occupation of Palestine) and the New Zion (The United States of America and the United Kingdom).   Although the Obamistas are atheists, they have no problem in making league with deranged Muslims who are anxious to make it up to the place where there must be millions upon millions of virgins waiting. is a perfect marriage made in Hell....Annenberg Foundation, scores of old, noble-sounding charitable foundations (like Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie) long since infiltrated by progressives and perverts to forward the mission of "social democracy", "tolerance", "diversity", and above all else, "progressivism'' and "reproductive rights".

The ever impressive Dome of the Rock, found not in
but in Al Quds, the Arabic name for Jersusalem,
and the name used by Obama's National Security
Advisor, and the Muslim Brotherhood, etc.
     While this is going on, we have followed a peculiar policy in Afghanistan.   We send in drones to kill Taliban, based upon information that is derived from sources that are totally unreliable.   At times, it seems, tribal and clan jealousies and arguments are distilled into information that is given to the Gringos who are told that Taliban leader X is in hovel number 193 on your contour map.   He will be having a meeting with his criminal gang there at 19:00 hours on Thursday.   So the process is, "Whoops, there goes another drone attack victory".
     The problem with these victories is that we are left without prisoners, one of the main sources of information, for instance, and without the kind of intel that might be able to predict which Mohammed is a good Mohammed, and which one sold his soul to Satan for a chance at some of the waiting millions and millions of virgins.   Ergo, scores of Gringo of good will, trying to train up forces that might conceivably bring civilised life to that literally God-forsaken place....are essentially murdered by treachery of the very people we are training.   Better 70 or 80 virgins in the hand than a chance at having a country that is something at least slightly better than a septic tanque from the Dark Ages.

      The only reason for following this policy of droning probable Taliban targets is to engender everlasting  resistance and hatred for all outside, infidel and/or heretical crusader devils.   It is designed to bring more hatred down on the Americans by the Muslims.   It is designed that way by the White House and the fool of a National Security Advisor for Obama who refers to the Dome of the Rock as the Holiest Shrine in Palestine, and to Jerusalem as Al Quds.

     It is tiresome to point out the obvious repeatedly.    Obama  and his cohorts are marxists, and they are probably atheists, and they are certainly anti-American agents, having long prepared for this time of final assault against the Shining City on the Hill.   This is not something to debate.  It is certain fact, the letters glow upon the wall.
     What comes to the fore then is the probability that the entire Benghazi thing is very much something that reeks of treason and high crimes of an unimaginable magnitude.   Once again, like so much of the Clinton Administration....there were crimes committed so ghastly that they could not possibly be digested by the American body politic's thought processes.  We are all well aware of the colossal whopperoos of Hillary Rodham, and the willingness of William Jefferson Blythe to drag the nation through the mud, all the while blaming others for his crimes and errors.   Blythe's people said on the one hand his little pecadillos were personal matters and nothing but little errors in judgement and no big thing, and on the other hand they were important enough that he had to lie, lie, twist and turn, and "is" is "is" except when "is" is "whumplefluggle" for months, and months, and months, and months and then one day say, "Well, I guess you all done got me...yuk, yuk." 
     It's the way these people think.  It is the way of all narcissists, all totalitarians, all people who see the world as a factory of servants and slavish admirers.   Lamentably there are plenty of dullards, communists, and pro-abortion people who will gladly volunteer to be among the 666 Corps for Clintobama.

     This big picture crime against America hinges on one particular and peculiar point.   In my considerable, albeit shallow research, it struck me did not digest well in the little grey cells, that the consulate in Benghazi never really was used as a place to seek a replacement for a lost or stolen passport or to seek legal advise from a person experience in the area and working for Americans in need of orientaton about the locale.   It did not ever display an America Flag or the standard bronze medallion plaque of identification on thre outside wall, or much of anything to indicate that it was something officially American.
     It seems apparent that the American Ambassador to Libya was in Benghazi for the purpose of meeting with a high-level Turkish official.   That official was there to arrange the reception of armaments, some heavy , and pertinent ammunition that was to be loaded onto Turkish freighters to then be transferred into the battle against Assad in Syria.  It is thought, and it is being spoken about openly in Arabic circles, that the arms being transferred have been turned over to the Libyan Government, and then in turn, given to the Americans to channel to the Turks who have the best capacity to deliver said items to the "Syrian resistance".
     Anzar al Sharia....a group that has been a wild card, trying to control shipping in the Benghazi port facilities and trying, simultaneously to gather up the shoulder fired missiles, and other moderately heavy infantry arms...had taken offense to the Americans blotting up stores of weaponry to use to try to curry favour with the "Syrian Freedom Fighters".    Anzar al Sharia is a militia affiliated with the now non-existent Al Qaeda (a slight bit of morbid humour, please forgive).   While Anzar al Sharia is mainly affiliated with Anzar al Sharia, it is broadly in agreement with the overall objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda....which is also a difficult marriage to make due to certain contradictions in dogma....but what the heck...This is Arabia, this is fundamentalist Islam and there are plenty of virgins to go around.   The collusion between the Shia Iranians and the Sunni Al Qaeda is something that a person must shrug off for the moment and say, "Well, that will be something that will blow up down the road, sooner or later".
     But the issue in Benghazi, accordng to Anzar al Sharia, is "Who will control the leftover arms of Qadaffi?   Who will make the money off the sales of those arms and ammunitions?  How much will be sent to Syria and how much do we sell to FARC in Colombia and now much to the Mexican Cartels and how much to criminal gangs in the United States and Europe?   You know, we have to make a little on the side, Allah and Mohammed will not mind",

File:Bedouin family-Wahiba Sands.jpg
This could have been the brother of
the guy Omar Shariff shot
 in the movie,
Lawrence of Arabia
     Remember the pedant, boring scenes in Lawrence of Arabia, wherein there were clumsy attempts to show some reason or logic behind the treachery that Arabs practice against each other.   The openning scene that shows Omar Shariff shooting a Bedouin who was riding up to use a well that was prohibited to his clan.   Yet Omar Shariff was obliged by Allah and instructed by Mohammed to extend every generousity and every courtesy to Peter O'toole, a nominal Anglican Christian and, of course,  English...precisely because he was foreign.
     The duplicity, the honour, the generousity, the selfishness, the brilliance, the stupidity, etc.etc. etc. that one encounters among people so brutal and so involved with a religion descended from Abraham borders upon the inconceivable.
      So, if this mush of corn mash can be heated up and watered down with good water from the cold spring and allowed to distill through the copper tubing and collect and rest for a bit...El Gringo Viejo does not know if it will turn into some kind of firewater, or if we can age it up and mellow it down before the revenuers find it and we can have a good whiskey.   Anything is possible.   At the very best for Barack Hussein Obama there is a case for saying that he is in collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood and very much in favour of solving the Jewish Problem by either forcing them out of Al Qud or worse, and turning over Judea and Israel to the mafia that is Jamas and Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood and letting them have their way with the Hebrews.
     The extension of the Caliphate, removing the old sultans, sheiks, and kings and placing mafia-style "business thugs" in their place.   And Barak Hussein Obama has manuevered the American ship of State into alignment with the aims of the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the most morally and financially corrupt organisations in the world, along the with the Mexican and other Latin American Cartels, and the Eastern European Mafias, and of course the Sicilian-Trans Mediterranean Mafias.
     Why?   Why would the American Sons of Alinsky be messing around in this crowd?   Because their contempt for America is the same as the above groups.   And their desire to lessen American influence over the affairs of the undevelopable world is identical.   Obama has been taped making league with Putin's lackey Mudcatyev for all the world to hear.  "Just have to get past this re-election, and then I will be free to make the necessary agreements."  That pre-concessionary statement deals with selling out the Poles and much of Eastern Europe in terms of missile defence preparedness.   Obama is intent upon imposing on the previously enslaved Warsaw Pact nations a return to a form of Russian Imperial Control.    All the bad of the Romonoffs with none of the good.
     Further, the idea of trying to cover up what has been revealed so far, with a silly story about a 12 minute video about Islam can not even be weighed by a truck scale it is such a huge bucket of bilge.   It is insulting, it crosses the  borders of the criminal, and it does nothing save to try to maintain the false image that "Al Qaeda is gone...or diminished...or decimated...or whatever".  It has been know for the last three years that Al Qaeda is more ubiquitous, more inserted, more dispersed, and more inclined to the offensive than even in 2001.

     We leave you with the mash boiling, and we'll see if it turns into something worth putting into a bottle and putting a label on.  My studies will continue.   We shall rest up for Tuesday's marathon.  We are noting that Obama has not begun advertising in Texas because of his improving polling numbers (Joking).....perhaps it is because his numbers in Texas are still gradually falling.  It is possible that he might not even pick up 36% in Texas....we shall see.

Thanks for you time and for sticking with me through these rabbit trails I call thoughts.
El Gringo Viejo.