Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Founder of the Flukie Award Ventures on without Cutie Pants

When last we heard from Sandra Fluke, she had parlayed the worldwide fame she earned by being insulted by Rush Limbaugh into a spot on the Obama campaign. Her public appearances have been very successful, with attendance numbers sometimes breaking double digits.

         Intimate gathering with @SandraFluke as local supporters drive by yelling "Go Obama!"

 It was obviously "Standing Room Only" for Miss Flukie

But wait, there’s less! As Charles C. Johnson (no relation) reports:
In a candid on-camera interview two weeks ago with the campus newspaper of her alma mater, Cornell University, contraception activist Sandra Fluke explained that her agitation for free and universal access to contraception has a larger goal: removing the “barriers” of unwanted children from women’s paths to career and political success…
“If we think about what contraception means for people, it’s not only about having access to the health care that you need, and the human rights aspects of having access to health care, but it’s also about what being able to control your own reproduction does for women specifically, but for men as well,” she said.
“It allows us to pursue the educational opportunities that we hope for and to have the careers and the career trajectory that we dream of.”
It makes you feel bad for Sandra’s mom, doesn’t it? Just think how much more she could’ve done with her life if her career trajectory hadn’t been derailed because the government didn’t help her prevent Sandra. Whatever happened to women’s rights?