Sunday, 18 November 2012

Just happened to be there (?)

     Move along, folks...nothing to see here...move on's just a big sex scandal,  lots bigger than any slaughter of Americans in Benghazi....this is just like Desperate Housewives meets Marilyn Monroe mudwrestling with Eva Longoria and Big Bird.   And Madonna and Lady Gaga and Jersey know...the real stuff...just move along, just because we have tonnes of X-rated filth right there on the left, just up ahead about five or ten feet....there's no reason not to keep moving along.   Miss America-lesbian incest....nuns gone crazy....Librarian sex rings assaulting policemen.
    Move on...let's move on along.


   Jill Kelley, the Tampa, Fla., socialite who initiated the investigation that revealed the affair, and her twin sister had two “courtesy” meals at the White House mess as guests of a midlevel White House aide in September and October, the official said. Kelley and her family also received a White House tour on the weekend before the Nov. 6 election.
     The White House visits by Broadwell and Kelley illustrate the wide-ranging access both women enjoyed because of their ties with Petraeus, Gen. John Allen and others in the close-knit military community. The White House official discussed their visits on condition of anonymity because the visitors logs being cited have yet to be made public.
(from an Associated Press story, 16 November 2012)
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    The media does not need to play into a big sex and power scandal so as to distract from the manipulation of news by the White House to distract from a policy failure and a politicisation  of coverage and interpretation that borders upon treason and goes well past impeachable and convictable high crimes and misdemeanours on the part of Obama and various of his White House lackeys.
     It is being discussed fairly openly that the Obama administration was allowing Turkish agencies to ship surplus light to medium infantry weaponry and ammunition to the groups fighting against Assad in Syria.   Others have observed that, because of Obama's, his staff, and his major backer's natural pre-disposition to hate Jews and therefore the nation of Israel, that there exists an implicit understanding that these shipments would be allowed to be diverted to Hezbollah and/or Jamas through Egypt.  In that manner, several things could be accomplished:
      (a)  The Valerie Jerrod -  Van Horn - Che Guevara part of the White House team can now be happy with the idea that the Jews would finally be cut down to size like in the same manner British and the Americans have been and are being reduced to insignificance.
      (b)    Obama and his marxist team in the White House could demonstrate to the Ayatollahs in Teheran that he would put his actions where his secret promises have been.  They want the Ayatollahs to feel a sense of equivalence to the Americans so that we can have a socially just and democratic discussion as equals.
       (c)     Obama and his marxist team in the White House can now demonstrate to Putin that the Russians have free rein in Eastern Europe, so as to re-establish their hegemony and misery among those people.    This would bring Obama into compliance with the promise made to Medidev some time back, that Putin would be able to acheive what he wanted during Obama's second term without American objection.
     (d)     Obama can comply with his promises to the Muslim Brotherhood that agree with their right to turn Egypt into the same hell-hole that any Islamic Nutcase nation becomes.


    The fact that Obama knew what the event was, who had provoked it, and then covered up that fact so as to advance, not his administration, but rather his campaign, stepped across the line of legal and moral propriety.   He pre-supposed his immunity from scrutiny, which was a reasonable pre-supposition due to the fact that numerous slightly lesser crimes and misdemeanours have preceded this one and had been lauded by the press corps throughout the "journalistic community".   This has led to a stretching of the already established tendency to apply unearned hubris to any issue, even  (or perhaps especially) to matters of National Security.

    Malfeasance rising to the level of incompetence is another reasonable charge.  It involves several levels of gross incompetence:
     (a)   The appointment of a totally incompetent Secretary of State whose main claim to fame is the telling of serial whopperoos that would make a circus barker blush.   More commonly known as "Madame Corkscrew", or "Cattle Futures Kallie", or "Bimbo Eruptions Specialist" the present incumbent has made a life...not a living....out of being a chronic pathological liar.
She had and has no significant qualifications for being Secretary of anything, much less the State Department, except on one occasion she went for a camel ride in the Sahara after one of her husband's many hundreds of dalliances became too much of an inconvenient truth even for the Obsolete Press to cover up.   It does help, of course, that she like all good Bolsheviks, hates Jews.
      When Madame Corkscrew is not explaining how she had to suffer through knowing that her daughter was trapped just below the Twin Towers on 11 September 2001 (another lie), she could be found selling pardons to GOP-disposed Hebrews during her early days as a campaigner for the US Senator's seat from New York.  She made it well known that since she was born in Chicago, her favourite baseball team had always been the New York Native Americans.    She was outdone by Eric Holder selling pardons to Marc Rich's ex-wife for a pardon of Marc Rich....Eric Holder's effort netted 400,000 dollars from Marc Rich's ex-wife, plus other favours to be named later....everything going to Billy Jeff Blythe's Library in Little Rock.... or someplace.    This gave her unusally high marks to fulfill the old political adage, "Keep you friends close and your enemies closer".   Although Obama and Madame Corkscrew are both marxists (Trotsky learned that all Bolshies are not exactly "buddies", like when Stalin ordered a commie thug hit-man to put a hatchet into Trotsky's vacant head), Obama knew that keeping her at a little less than arm's length would be good, if for nothing else, to have someone upon which to blame whatever might go wrong.
      Madame Secretary Corkscrew-Cattle Futures also gained the new accolade by being named Queen of Saying to Hell With Security Measures for Dangerous Embassy Outposts, I'm Busy, and I have a headache!!    It's a long title, to be sure, but it is one she certainly richly deserves.  After all, she was tired from hitting the bars and from making sure that our embassy in Vienna had been outfitted with electrical connections for all those cute little electric cars like Tweety-bird's little old Granny used to drive.   First things first....and besides it was free...the government paid for it.   What good are four dead State Department Employees and contractors good for, anyway?   Where's the bar? 
      My mother said that if we can't say something good about a person, say nothing at all.  So, in keeping with that admonition, allow us to say, (Sir Edmund) Hillary does a really crummy imitation of speaking like black folks, and she also ta l    k      s        r e a l     l          y          slo  w     l          y.    She is probably the only personality in the Lewinsky matter who was/is uglier than Monica, and/or Helen Thomas as well.    There, Mom!!
       But in spite of all those accomplishments, she overrode any effort proposed to either up-grade the facility's security posture or, like the British and the Red Cross, to remove the American diplomatic mission and related personnel from Benghazi.   She didn't give a flip, Obama didn't give a flip:    Charges of depraved indifference resulting in the death of four Americans, directly.   In Texas that is a felony.   In Washington D.C., for a Democrat office holder, it is qualification for re-election and/or a salary increment and bonus.

    (b)     We must give credit where credit is due, because (Sir Edmund) Hillary did take responsibility, but not the blame (???????) for the little matter of Benghazi.   She also kept herself literally on the other side of the world during any proceedings that might require her to testify under oath to anything.   Wine tastings in Australia...don't you know...ever so very important to security matters in the Pacific Rim and all that.   Failure to respond to reasonable interest concerning this matter also indicts Obama, because he should have either ordered her testify or tender her resignation.
      This is not a game.   In terms of morality, these two people have failed as have their subordinates, as they scoff at the seriousness of having caused the deaths of four Americans.
So on this point, we have one of them there tuphers...two for the price of one.

     (c)     Abuse of power.   Obama lied about when he knew anything during the actual attacks on the the consulate and the annex.   He saw some of the early part in real time. Obama did take offense about anybody second-guessing his incompetence.  Two different general officers....of three and four star of the Navy and the other of the Army...were essentially arrested and ordered back to barracks in the United States.   They were guilty of monitoring the activities and making anticipatory preparations to a vigourous response in forse to the criminal acts being perpetrated by  Anzar Al Sharia in Benghazi.   Both were remove from positions of very high command and/or strategic command. 
     They were found guilty of saying mean things about the Commander in Chief and being meanies.   They knew that any number of alternatives were available.  None were authorised or utilised in any way.   It was the response of a frozen coward and/or a person who had determined to remove his own pawns from the chessboard, because he wanted his opponent to win the chess game.   Only a person who wanted the Muslim extremist Triple AAA minor league affiliate of Al Qaeda to win the Battle of Benghazi,  would have been so willing to not send the AC-130s Spookys and/or Spectres   (about which it is said: ‘The AC-130 really is the ultimate weapon. It is very accurate and simply vaporises the target and sends a powerful psychological message to the enemy. 
‘We have called in Spectre many times and you know the minute it starts to unleash its fury the enemy melt away.")  and/or F-16s on low altitude intimidation runs over the zone of combat.   The earsplitting roar of repeated F-16 passes, especially accompanied by hostile gestures and actions, would have detained or distracted the Al Sharia thugs long enough for the AC-130s to lumber in and vapourise them.

     (d)    Subornation of perjury.    As did Billy Jeff, and almost all control freak narcissists, they try to cover their tracks by ordering, asking, begging, and/or threatening people to back of their lies or "indiscretions" or out and out commissions of felonies.   Frequently those efforts are backed up by that old-fashioned warning, "Or Else!".    That poor hapless dolt of a lackey, "Ambassador" Rice who was sent out to lie about the "offensive video that insulted Mohommed and Islam" an example.   To think that Obama is such a low-rent piece of whatever that he would hide behind skirts....especially skirts of a woman who was in no wise involved in any of this mess.   SHE IS THE AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED NATIONS, for the love of Pete.    She has no earthly connection, bureaucratically or professionally or anythingedly to the matter of Benghazi.   Sheeeeesch!!!

     I can see it now,
   "Miz Rice, come on in here.   We want you to go to every talk show this Sunday and tell them that this whole Benghazi thing was the result of some old white guy making a nasty video about Mohammed and being mean to Islam. "
     "Well, Mr. Obama, what video are you talking about?"
     "That doesn't's just a really nasty video and it just goes on and on with lies about Islam and Mohammed.   And that's why all our nice friends over there became a little miffed about America and attacked our Embassy in Cairo... and a few other little deals and things, too insignificant to mention.   It was done by a white guy in California, and we're going to carry that state anyway so it doesn't's an anti-Muslim cult white guy who we already have tabbed...He's going down...he'll be in jail by this time to-morrow.  Don't worry about anything.   Everybody in the press is already prepped to softball everything, and with the Fox people just say that "it's classified at this time" to anything they ask, and, you know, just draw your answers out...they'll let you talk because you're black and you're a girl.   They know we'll "racists" and '"sexists" them to death if they ask you any real questions."
      "But I've never heard of this video.   Someone said its been around for 5 or 6 months and nobody found it any worse than some of the others," the Ambassador was quizzical.
      "Look, Suzy...have I ever steered you wrong.   Just do what we tell you.   Oh, and we have a little ceremony at the airport when the bodies come in in a couple of days.   You'll need to be there for that, too"
      "But, Barry, I don't have anything to do with any of this.  Don't you think that Petraeus or Pannetta have more pertinence?   How about Hillary....I really don't understand what's going on, and now you're talking about bodies to be received.   Where were these people killed?   Was there a plane crash or something?"   the Ambassador was becoming more an more perplexed.
      "Look, just do what you're told, or we'll find us a goat to scape right here, PDQ.   And if you go do just a little, tiny know...for National'll keep us in the hunt for Election Day and I'll make you Secretary of State!"
      "Well, if you say so...but five shows in one morning?   That's some kind of a record, no?"
      Then Barry became reflective and finally said, "You know, back in the 1930s a really sharp politician said  that a lie repeated ofter enough becomes the truth...that's what we're banking on.   The American people will believe almost anything I say at this point."
       "Well, if you say so Mr. President, but it sure seems like it would be more appropriate if..''
       " Go on, girl, git!   I've got a plane to catch to Las Vegas"