Tuesday, 30 October 2012


So that all will know where Facebook stands

This little posting is offencive?   Did it hurt
Obama's feelings?


     This is another reason why El Gringo Viejo has a mental bloque when it comes to using facebook.   He does not understand the progression of the banter and he has nothing to say of interest to the people who are in the ether of the screeds.  Nothing he writes is answered but with rare occasion, and he has more friends that he has never heard of than the last guy who won the lottery.
     That is all just a matter of being old in a world that is compelled to close its eyes tighter as a response to the news that everyone is just about to follow the lemmings over the Cliffs of Dover.
     But, sometimes El Gringo Viejo knows why he participates so little.  The people involved with the ownership, establishment, and operation of facebook are very typical of the self-absorbed snips who "feel strongly" and "care" but who do not think.   They are cunning and can impress with certain acumen that impresses but that also produces only ephemeral magic.    We edge further towards being texting, cellular telephoning,  facebooking, twittering zombophyles.   Instead of faulting us, I presume, my blame is cast towards the vacuous inventors.
     The vacuous inventors are not the Bells, Fords, and Edisons of old.  They are usually secular humanists who worship only self.   They are a perfect match for the meaningless, such as the present president of this Republic.   They thrive in a Sesame Street World of pointless activity where "safe" is a greater value than valour, and a unanimous tie for first place is better than a second place that was actually earned.   And, Sesame Streetville does not burden its citizens with things like synogogue or churches.   Even Bedrock had churches (odd, coming from the BC period), but Sesame Streetville is not a judgemental place.
     It is only judgemental if  someone is mean, and wants to hurt some nice person's feelings by not allowing that better nice person to chop your head off because your sister walked under the bungabunga tree on Tuesday afternoon...a prohibited act according to the Law from Khawho bin Shibob and his chief priest Wahali-theshish-kabob.   It is especially mean if that mean, according to this president, if that person is a shade lighter of skin than the good person who is trying to destroy America and all the heretics and infidels in order to establish a caliphate that can take up the work of Hitler, Stalin, and the Aztecs and the rest of history's loons.
     So Facebook took down the little word play of the Navy Seal Association.   Facebook is okay with blowing women's heads off for half-time entertainment at the soccer games in Kabul, but it takes offence at the idea that the Navy Seals take offence at the idea that the president will take credit for "killing Bin Laden" while almost simultaneously refusing to save retired Navy Seals from being murdered.
     Let's see if that can be stated better.   Obama sends in the SEALs to engage bin Laden at a safe house in Pakistan.   After a bit of an issue, a person, supposedly bin Laden, is killed by SEALs, who face considerable difficulty and hardship in executing the orders.  In the meanwhile,  almost instantly Obama's National Security Advisor gives up scores of classified details about the action, including the name and address of the Pakistani medical doctor who provided the linkages necessary to pinpoint the whereabouts of bin Laden.   And Obama begins a 14-months spiking of the ball in the end zone, which is called the "We're not going to go around spiking the ball in the end zone Tour".   "Usama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive!!"   And the Pakistani doctor is sitting in a Pakistani prison, having been convicted of treason, although Al Qaeda has been involved directly or indirectly in the killings of  thousands  of Pakistanis over the last 10 years.  Treason?
     Then when the American Consul is attacked and retired Navy SEALs are left to protect the American facilities in Benghazi and then to be murdered, the president watches, receives information, goes to sleep, wakes up, says we have a problem with justifiable Muslim outrage against a 12 minute "movie" that is disrepectful towards Islam....and then flies on Air Force 1 to Las Vegas to a rally of the slackjawed and selfish....and the millionaire and billionaire donors....because after all....first things first.   Obama's favourite song?   "It's All About Me..."
So, facebook, Obama, Usama, it's all the same to El Gringo Viejo.   Just another twist of the screw, one more turn closer to Hell.
El Gringo Viejo...