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And the Progressive spake, saying "Let us speak foolishness to fools"

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Progressives and leftists depend upon the existence of a large mass of population that is stupid and/or ignorant.  Progressives and leftists also can be depended upon to immediately resort to ridicule when confonting opponents, normally because it is known that argument with the engagement of the left side of the brain is not a marxist's long suit.
     Let us consider several recently developing howlings from the left.   AlGore has declared that "Sandy" was the result of Global Warming (not climate change this time).   So, the fellow who declared that all the oceans would be 12 to 14 feet higher due to the elimination of the polar ice 1996...and then who proceeded to buy a love-nest home for his mistress and his estimable self in 2009 right on the Pacific Coast of glorious Peoples' Republic of Pornalifornia.....has spoken once again.   His Wisdom goes before him.
     Al....sorry, but the actual cause for the peculiar intensity and lack of intensity of Hurricane Sandy....a category I storm....was not heat....but rather cold.   The interruption of the normal path of the hurricane was caused by a rapid descending Arctic air mass that was carrying extremely abnormal cold temperatures.   This high pressure mass broke the southwest to northwest jet stream at upper levels and  left the hurricane to other guidance, namely an upper level high to the east of the Canadian Maritimes.
     Although AlGore  is not aware of this, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and western New York had incomprehensible snows and even blizzards during this period, as "Sandy" moved at 290 degrees after crossing the "Jersey Shores".   Snow totals in West Virginia exceeded THREE FEET!!!!   That's THREE FEET, Al !   In Johnson City, Tennessee, they had over THREE FEET OF SNOW ALL...BEFORE NOVEMBER!   Al, you know where Johnson City is, because you used to plough the cotton and tobacco farms there behind a team of two mules....I can see you there to this day, waist wrapped with your pull and stay line and wearing the thick gloves to spare your callouses from blistering.
AlGore caught in a moment before the Revolutionary
War when he promised to fight cigarettes even as he
was inventing the internet that was so valuable to
his close friend and confidant, George Washington\

      The intrusion of the storm surge, being in excess of 13.5 feet, almost two feet higher than any previous mark, can be largely attributed to something about which AlGore knows nothing.  The previous record was set at the half-moon phase back in the 1800s.  This record was set during the dreaded full-moon phase, which normally accentuates tidal effects by as much as 10%.
     To AlGore, any phenomena that seems catastrophic to the point of incomprehensibility to the stupid and ignorant is the right time to say "Wobal Gloming"  or "Bolar Pears" or "Bi-polar Bears".   The Galveston Hurricane of 1900 left a minimum of 6,000 dead...dead from one day to the next.....some say the death toll was much higher.....much, much higher.  Galveston had a population then of about 30,000 souls.  It was...pretty much like Atlantic City...the Gomorah of its day with brothels and saloons and gambling conducted openly and illegally.  Galveston was gone....totally 10 hours.   Please note in the linkage below, that it was also a city with a fine Opera House and the second or third largest Baptist, Episcopal, and Roman Catholic  Church structures and congregations in the Republic of Texas.   They who be not whole needeth a physician.   It was a great center of medical research and philanthropy as well.....still is actually.
     Try this, for all far as the eye could see.
  Many of those members are 6" X 18"
 and 1p" X  24"Michigan and
 Wisconsin grade
maritime lumber.



                     1900 Galveston Hurricane - YouTube

We urge that this above posted linkage not be viewed
 by children or by especially sensitive people.

     It is pointed out that Galveston was a town with some fame as a "Wanton Village" but it was also Texas's largest seaport, and it was populated by hard-working they saloon girls, deck-hands, locomotive repairmen, cotton packers, etc.etc.   This was not a New Orleans situation where the overwhelming majority of people were hopelessly intellectually impaired to the point of being unable to defend themselves with five (5) days notice.  The Galveston Hurricane allowed the people about 6 hours notice....but this only about the storm....not about the intensity.
     So, in parting Galveston and its fabled past, the issue of the damage caused by "Sandy" is strictly because of the logistical placement and entry point of the storm.  It hit a place where there are a lot of people in a small area.

      And Al...El Gringo Viejo has Tennessee in his background....the Tennessee of the Smokey Mountains, and Winchester and Knoxville and the pride of locale...of clan....of good whiskey....of hand-shake honesty....fair treatment....and living simply.    We know that you flunked out of Divinity School at the University of Tennessee, and we know that you flunked out of Law School.     AlGore, we know you had a grand total of two (2) college level science courses.   You received a "D" in one and a "C" in the other.    AlGore, we know you flunked out of law school.   Then AlGore, we really know you flunked out of divinity school. Do you have any idea how hard it is to flunk out of divinity school? I mean, that is supposed to be a "calling" and so they will practically lead you by hand to class.   It does take a bit of intellectual acumen, however.
     And this is the man the rest of the world calls "an intellectual'? And the intellectuals of the world think WE are the stupid ones! He dazzles the world with his "intellect" as they call it, and they live mired in socialist paradise, wondering all the while why their once magnificent Empires are rotting morally and economically.  And AlGore wants us to "live their example"?
     Not only is Gore marginally retarded, he is the godson of Armand Hammer, notorious for doing business with the communists in the cold war. I have seen photos of Gore sitting in Hammer's lap as a baby and Hammer was AlGore, Jr,'s Dad's sugar daddy.   We can remember that Nikolai Lenin declared Armand Hammer to be the Soviet Union's favourite capitalist.  Nikki also said that ...."...American capitalists will sell everything we need to us.   Then they will sell us the rope by which we shall hang them.   And they will sell us the rope on credit".   A bit of biography of the famous Mssrs. AlGore, Sr. and AlGore, Jr. is included below, from the pen of F.R. Duplantier.

Al Gore Theme: "If I Had A Hammer"
By F.R. Duplantier
From America's Future

If Al Gore Jr. ever runs for President, he'll have to answer some embarrassing questions about the source of his family's wealth.

"One of the minor mysteries of American politics has been the source of wealth for the family of Vice President Albert Gore Jr.," observes Joseph Goulden of Accuracy in Media. "When Gore's father was first elected to the House of Representatives in the late 1930s," Goulden continues, "he was an impecunious Tennessee school teacher who eked out extra dollars by playing fiddle at church weddings. But later, as a United States Senator, he lived in the plush Fairfax Hotel on Embassy Row in Washington, and sent his son, Al Jr., to the pricey St. Alban's Episcopal School, the haunt of kids from Social Register families."

Armand Hammer

Communism's 'Capitalist Prince' and Vice President Gore's Greatest Influence
In a recent issue of the Washington Inquirer, Goulden summarizes the contents of a new book called Dossier, written by investigative reporter Edward Jay Epstein, which "shows that the senior Gore had a silent partner who for several decades insured that his pockets remained comfortably filled. He was Armand Hammer, the multi-millionaire businessman and oil promoter who apparently collected art and politicians with equal zeal." Goulden notes that Al Gore Sr. was "Hammer's designated door-opener in official Washington." The handsome compensation that Gore Sr. received for his services culminated in a half-a-million-dollars-a-year position with Armand Hammer's oil company, Occidental Petroleum. Al Gore Jr. picked up where his father left off and "put the family's Senate seat at Hammer's service."
Goulden describes Armand Hammer as "one of the odder, more odious characters of American business and politics, 'famous' chiefly because he was rich enough to promote his mammoth ego." He notes that Hammer's carefully and expensively crafted public persona was "that of a renegade oilman who made billions from Libyan oil, chummed around with politicians up to White House level, and adorned acres of galleries with paintings, some priceless, some fakes. Hammer's lawyers bedeviled honest journalists who tried to write otherwise."

Left to right: Senator Al Gore Sr., Armand Hammer, Mrs. Pauline Gore,
daughter Nancy and Little Albert Gore Jr.

Hammer's powerful influence on Al Gore Sr. and Jr. would have been bad enough had he been nothing more than an unscrupulous businessman. Like his father Julius, however, he was a lifelong Communist and a friend of the Soviet Union. "Some scattered hints that Hammer's ties with the USSR went beyond business friendship have surfaced over the years," says Goulden. Documents discovered in Soviet archives, however, leave no doubt that Hammer was "a man who bribed and cheated his way to great wealth -- and who started with Soviet gold."    That gold was primarily drawn from the ancient private treasury of the Romanoffs.
Edward Jay Epstein's new book, Dossier, makes a compelling case that both Al Gore Sr. and Al Gore Jr. were the willing partners of a very powerful and very wealthy man, Armand Hammer, who was not loyal to the United States of America. A truly independent press would have exposed these connections decades ago, long before Al Gore Sr. and Jr. rose to their prestigious and influential positions.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ and your people will have to build very large "showers" or huge gulag facilities....because there are millions of us who did pass a few  university level Earth Science courses and who have studied a bit of history written before the re-writing by the marxist zombie intellectuals.

Al Gore posed for a photo paddling a canoe. But in order to make sure the canoe would float for the photo-op, 4 billion gallons of water was released from a New Hampshire dam and allowed to escape down the creek. New Hampshire was in the middle of a record drought at the time.   This was the first time he dumped Tipper, his "defective" wife with cancer.  They had intended to be shown together in an "ecofriendly" scene of matrimonial pleasantry....but there was a bit of a displacement malfunction.  So, AlGore paddled back to shore, and then continued the "ecofriendly" paddle fantasy alone.    What in the sam hill does "eco" mean, anyway?  The picture on the left is, of course, what a love nest looks like.
    We'll leave now and allow the OROGs to enjoy the Vice-President's picture, while thinking about that wonderful love-pad AlGore built for his one and only, overlooking the Pacific.   As always, we appreciate your tolerance and patience with these moments fueled by rancid AirWick and moldy NoDoz.
El Gringo Viejo
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