Friday, 19 October 2012

Pinned Against the Wall Like Basil Rathbone!

Then, after just turning in for one of my famous 4 hour sleep fests at 23:00 hours, once again there are sounds of hooves at hard gallop.   But this time the rider dismounts and can be heard striding to the main door of the Quinta.   Suddenly, a sharp thud is heard on our thick wooden door, followed by the sound of deliberate striding back to the horse...neither quickly nor slowly....and then the diminishing sounds of a long-legged Arabian beating 30 miles-per-hour, heading back to those caves in the mountains....or to another nice house on the other side, on a bigger property....there is much speculation about precisely where "where" is.

     The events force attention.  El Gringo Viejo gets up and puts on his old, stained jeans and checks on the door.  He opens it carefully, making sure not to let one of the cats in with her new pet mouse.   Lo and Behold, there is a full-scale, older Bowie knife thrust fully an inch into extremely hard Mexican Tropical Oak, and pinning a note.  Once again the note is written in fine hand on a thick sheet of elegant stationery.   It states:



Estimado Hermano Gringo Viejo,

Being only a “pretty fair county lawyer”, my concern is for the tenth amendment... those rights which have already been forfeited by the States or confiscated by the Feds. All other Amendments defer to the Tenth in that all law originates in the states and by the people, those which “shall be enumerated”. Article 1 and Section 2 of the Constitution and Title 13 of the U.S. Code provide for enumeration though be it for taxes and representation; however it is law! I rest my case.

Como siempre me quedo a sus ordenes,




    Of course, at this hour of the morning the disposition tends to the grumpy.   But, the problem is that El Zorro is right.   HOWEVER,  El Zorro is the fellow who is not the Jack of All Trades, and Master of None.   In reality, he is the master of many trades.  Sometimes he, himself, does not see this in himself.   But, I must take into consideration that to saddle, tack, mount, and ride at least 7 miles in the middle of the night, one-way to deliver this message, and then ride back....either to those secret, elaborate caves or that house on the other side of the a daunting matter for such thing that appears to be small, but actually is large.   It must be pointed out, of course, that El Zorro is not an attorney.   However, he understands the law in many, many areas better than barristers I have met who are held up as authorities and high practitioners.   IT IS TRUE THAT HIS UNDERSTANDING AND INTERPRETATION OF THE 10TH AMENDMENT TO THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION, is overwhelmingly powerful.   Had he spoken in his way concerning the 10th Amendment on the floor of the United States Senate after the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln in 1860, excusing the departure of the various Southern States from the union, there would have been no War Between the States.   There is no manner by which one can reasonably refute the fact that the Power to the People rests wholly within the 10th Amendment.   The enumerative powers in the Constitution held by the central government are aimed strictly at a census of population to determine apportionment for representation in the lower house of Congress, and to determine the method of levy for the purpose of maintaining and funding a common defense of the several united States. One thing that is certain as well is that had the 10th been adhered to, the "peculiar institution" would have been resolved to the benefit of slave and master alike.    The product of that resolution would have been much more positive than the result that the War produced, and which social engineering (all un-Constitutional) by the Progressives in the 20th Century produced.    As we have retreated during the generations from the liberty produced by the existence of the 10th Amendment, we have reaped the whirlwind  of the avarice produced by almost all national central governments.    The buying and selling of votes, bought and paid with fiat currency, bought and sold by businesses  who sell their souls and people who sell their liberty for a bit of false security.....that is our whirlwind.

      All this being said, it must be re-stated that El Zorro is not only an expert in weaponry and ammunition, but he is also an expert on issues pertaining to the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of these several united States.   So, El Zorro will just have to take that, not as a compliment, but as a fact.

Now back to dreamland.   And thanks for your attention.
El Gringo Viejo

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