Friday, 19 October 2012

But What If?

El Gringo Viejo has gotten over the impulse to do screed posting over the last few months.   It is rather much like the television talking heads all talking at the same time to nobody who is listening, assuming that that he who shouts the loudest wins the argument.  There are very few minds left to sway.   Those who cannot think deductively and critically are doomed to "feel" that such and such is right, just because.   Those who think, "If we do "this", then "that" will certainly occur as a reaction to "this", will never begin to be able to convince the "feelers" that paying for a string of un-fathered babies in the projects can lead to no good.
    The "feelers" just think it is good to feed the children.   After all, is it not good to feed the hungry?
     We win this issue among ourselves as structural, common and natural law conservatives when we simply point out that as moral people we allow no one to go hungry.   We also would do a better job by providing for each hungry person wth our own, local, inefficient, one-on-one, Salvation Army (and similar) approach, in the absence of a cumbersome and politically motivated welfare establishment,     The Salvation Army does not help people on the basis of justifying their salaries or by reminding recipients that their bread is buttered here, and the Republicans are going to take away both your bread and butter and put you back in chains.
      We have the sad situation wherein the once noble Catholic Charities, for instance, as a public welfare substation has become one of the little squealing piglets, squueeeeeealing for their place at the trough, pointing out that the number of hungry people and people who need "services" is just sooooooo massive.   We can only solve the problem by saying things like "There is no such thing as an illegal person". the Maryknolls as so inclined to do, setting up storefront mid-wiferies, and enrolling baby factory illegal aliens to deliver and walk out the front door with participation in AFDC, Food Stamps (lone star card), WIC, subsidised rent program, and other benefits provided for any woman simply because she has whelped upon Tierra Sanctus Americanus.
     And, yes Virginia, if a French woman, or a Canadian woman, or a Japanese woman, or an Englishwoman were to be in that same store-front mid-wifery to throw herself on the American public for financial gain, it would be my will to swoop her up, give her her bag of diapers and a two day supply of formula, and drive her over to the illegal alien detention to be deported on the first flight out, tomorrow morning.   Any jewelry, money, or valuables would be taken from her and turned over to the account set up to defray the costs of deportation and attendant transportation.    For a further instance, I have known of four occasions when American girls had an inconvenient truth appear.   They brought the inconvenient truth to life, and each true handiwork of the Holy Ghost was taken up by people waiting for that particular baby, and all the babies turned into solid, productive citizens.  All the girls turned into solid mothers of their own families and productive, positive people.   That's the difference.
     To do otherwise is not fair to the people who come into this country after literally waiting in line forever and paying all the attendant fees and permits.   To do otherwise is unfair to the body politic who is somehow expected to pay for the wilful acts of imposition that place a such people far below the scale of life than, say, a female cat who births her litter under your house.

President John Adams Houses,
A graffitied stairwell to Hell, at this 1964-era project
in the South Bronx, picture from 12 June 1979, forewshadows
the very predictable.   Seven buildings, ranging from 15 to 21
stories high, with 925 apartments, designed for 2,347 occumpants
Typical Soviet-style "to each according to his need", little boxes.
To-day, there are an estimated 5,000 people staying in the ruin
where the main occupation is welfare, crime, violence, and sloth.
     The "welfare package" has become so ingrained and institutionalised that in urban areas of the United States that the common social norm is for a woman to choose a man at the 2 year point to sire another "ticket" so as to have a stairstep of cashflow, which can be as much as 4,000 dollars per month, including housing, medical, food, utilities, and other benefits.   The main requirement is to be sure that there is no man in residence.
     The result?   Detroit.  New Orleans. Great Sociological Swaths of sub-humanity, all paid for by us, and fathered by the liberal/marxist notion that government must determine what to take from those who must give, and what to give to those who must take.
     One can determine if his soul is damaged by trying to remember if he ever said something like, "The rich people should pay more taxes, you know, like their fair share.   It's only right, because they have more than than they need."    The conceit and vacuousness of such a statement marks that point where Satan knows he has gathered another sheave.
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