Friday, 26 October 2012

Marxist Interpretative Information Filters

Marxists, Progressives, liberals, Radical Feminists, and all that particular batch of right-brain thinking people have  certain filters in place so as to explain all nature of inputs that do not compute according to their template of required explanations.

(no caption, only sounds of person vomitting,
Nice effect, with the American Flag back there)
     William Jefferson Blyth avails himself sexually of an emotionally crippled, insecure, chubby female intern less than half his age.   He violates the basic rule that requires the most powerful person on the floor to respect the dignity of the least powerful person on the floor,  even if...or especially if...the least powerful person is unable to control him/herself.
      Response of the leftist pinko father, the National Organisation for Women, the obsolete press, etc.?    BLAME KEN STARR.

Iconic Coptic depiction of the Flight of Joseph, Mary,
and Jesus from the grasp of Herod.   The informing
 Angel guides them to Egypt, where Jews over the
 Centuries,have suffered oppression at times, and
 been very well treated at other times.
      Two hundred sub-human, vile, filthy, deranged, pueudo-religious maniacs storm various facilities of the Americans in a place called Libya....and they murder at least four Americans, including a full Ambassador, and an undetermined number of Libyans who were foolish enough to try to stand up to the deranged maniacs on behalf of the Gringos.
      Response from the anti-colonialist, marxist, anti-American president of the United States of America, "This attack is the result of an American religious extremist making mean pictures of Mohammed and saying bad things about Islam in a 12 minute film that nobody has seen on YouTube.   It's a typical,  white American expression of hate about things they don't understand and about people that are not like them.   You know, grab your guns and bibles and start hatin' somebody. Too many white dogs, too many crackers and un-sophisticated, name-calling Klanners."
    But, but, Mr. President, all those guns and Bibles people....the un-sophisticated white dogs and crackers....they overwhelmingly supported Herman Cain in the Republican primaries for President before Gloria All Red  framed him up with four mendacious emotional cripples.  How do you explain that?   And the film was made by a Coptic Orthodox Christian of Egyptian ancestry.  The Copts have suffered unspeakable brutality, murder, rape, arson, and abuse by Muslim extremists, Muslim Brotherhood thugs, and Hezbollah slime.   The Copts are the original or one of the original Christian churches.  They have had centuries of friendship with common, real Muslim...Mohammed of the Street.   And since the Muslim Brotherhood started up forty years ago, their life has been Hell."
    Response from Barak Obama's campaign spokesman,  "Let me be clear.  Cain is a house-n*****, Uncle Tom dog....No real African-American can ever be or vote  Republican.   And if the Copts can't stand the fire they should go crawl in bed with the Jews in occupied Palestine."

The following is a response to the radio station where Barack Hussein Obama held a lengthy campaign-o-mercial with The Pimp with the Limp, 106.7 FM WRMA in Miami, Florida.   It is, perhaps noteworthy that the famous intrview ran on the 11th day of September of this year.  Only minutes later,  in Benghazi, the attacks began against the American Counsel and other American facilities, resulting in the deaths of at least four Americans and others involved in the defense of said facilities.
To wit:
      I used to support President Barack Hussein Obama,   I really did, but with all due respect, sincerely, Barack Hussein denigrates women. Barack Hussein thinks he can buy women’s votes by giving them handouts, giving them the super-human power of life and death over unborn children. What does he think they are, shallow? And now, he actually gives air-time and priase, praise! to a dude nick-named “Pimp with the Limp”? Do you even know what the word “pimp” means, Barack Hussein? Yeah, on the streets, where you pretend to come from, it means “cool.” But do you know where that word comes from? Do you know what a “pimp” is? A pimp is prostitutes’ manager. You know, he recruits the prostitutes, usually women. He arranges for them with clients. He provides the space and transportation. Collects the money, “pays” the prostitutes. That’s not cool! There is no reason that word “pimp” should be flung around as if it’s cool, because it’s not. The mere mention of the word should invoke anger, and disgust. It’s predatory, it’s criminal, it’s dehumanizing! Indifference to that word being used to represent anything positive, anything even neutral, much less to aspire to… that’s like being okay with using the word “gay” to mean “lame” or something. That’s offensive! There’s people out there, human beings! I used to support President Barack Hussein Obama, I really did, but with all due respect, sincerely, it is time we had a President who doesn’t denigrate women. It is time for Romney/Ryan 2012: Restoring Prosperity in America Again… Together. PUMA!

Posted by: Obamacrat for Romney | September 11, 2012, 10:10 pm 10:10 pm

(When this was posted on the radio station's screed, the Battle of Benghazi was entering into the final desperate stages.   Obama did nothing.  Biden did nothing.  Petreaus did nothing. Hillary did nothing. Panetta did nothing. But they and Rice were all there to take part in the Photo-op Caskets on the Tarmac Moment with the Obsolete Press....along with the relatives of the dead heroes....serving essentially as props for political purposes.)
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