Sunday, 28 October 2012

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 Another surreptitous message.   It just appeared.  There is a bit of scribble from our friend on the other side of the mountain....something to the effect that this letter came from a friend of his who, as we learn, is related to the first purely American novelist and probably still the best American novelist to this day....These things were known to El Gringo Viejo, but he has deferred comment until these moments.

We are facing what is the epitome of “The struggle between Good and Evil”, the motif in all of Nathanial Hawthorne’s allegories and cautionary tales. There is no such thing as an undecided in this coming election with the exception of apathetics. Either “you are fer us, or you are agin' us!” Hawthorne (El Zorro informs us that the writer is a not-to-distant relative of Nathanial Hawthorne) had a profound insight to the conflict and guilt in the human soul.

Nathanial Hawthorne
1804  -  1864
One of the many famous
works of  Hawthorne 
   Those who would be “undecided” are mouth-breathers and fakers. They are used as an excuse to keep the media ball in the air. Black is black and white is white, plus or minus, 1s and os,we or they.   One thing absolutely correct about Obama is he says what he believes. Just because he hasn’t succeeded at all his promises does not mean he has not tried.   Neither does it mean that he  will not  try again if reelected. Those who cannot see the evil of robbing men’s souls are they who believe on Obama. He wants our souls. His disciples follow blindly believing they will be rewarded for his success and will have their 72 virgins now, and for free, if only he gets his 4 more years. Who among us can refuse free medical care, free college education, no taxes, free housing, free food, free contraceptives? The only cost is to turn over your soul then everything is free and perpetual. Who among us cares where it comes from as long as “they” get theirs? It is very hard to resist such profound evil. He can make it appear perfect and perfect appearance is good enough for them! All you have to do is plug your ears, cover your eyes, get down on your knees and hold out your hands. What is evil about that? Oh well, the promise is good enough, even if it can't be delivered.

The Song of the Little Red Hen, and of the Ants who prepareth for the Winter while the Grasshopper squandereth his time in play and falsities:
     Work is hard but good. Work offers self esteem. Work is the endeavor that rewards the soul. Work requires setting personal priorities to wit: food, shelter, healthcare, transportation, entertainment, etc. We provide for food, shelter, and warmth first but why would we not provide for healthcare as well? Most of us budget for food but not healthcare costs. Are they not equally important?  Please, get out of our way, and we shall care for ourselves.

     Oh, I forget. We need the 65” flat screen and the super cab 4X4 behemoth truck, bass boat, etc. I digress. Work is what fulfills the hierarchy of needs. Maslow’s model provides first for the basic needs leading finally to self actualization. Obama would provide only the basic first level of needs. At that point you are on your own. The problem with that is that doing nothing leads to nothing. “Give a man a fish…” If one does not work for his basic needs he has no incentive to work for any higher needs.
      The goal is fulfillment in the pursuit of inner talent, self actualization. As in any pursuit, one cannot start at the top. To give up one’s soul for nothing more than basic needs (food, water, shelter, warmth) leaves no spirit for achieving freedom from fear, then belonging, self esteem/respect, and finally self actualization.
       Obama not only does not know how to put people back to work, his plan is to keep Americans captive in the first level of the hierarchy of needs. Where the subsidies are the greatest, so are crime, dissatisfaction, and low self esteem. Food stamps, welfare, AFDC, Planned Parenthood, etc. promote apathy and resentment toward productivity. To enslave a people, as is the objective of this president, is evil no less than that of Attila the Hun, Robespierre, Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Sadam Hussein, Osama bin Ladin, Hugo Chavez (to name a few). What these despots have in common is evil power to suppress the masses.
This writer does not comprehend those who would follow evil without question or concern and why they cannot be reached by logic and reason.
The choice is clear… there is only good and evil. The only question is which one has the greatest numbers on November 6.

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