Saturday, 8 September 2012

Sorry Barney, Republicans just like Class


     Rep. Barney Frank lived up to his reputation as a firebrand this week by twice slamming the Log Cabin Republicans as “Uncle Toms.”  The gay (sic)  Democrat congressman from Massachusetts originally made the characterization on Michelangelo Signorile’s Sirius OutQ radio show Wednesday, saying, “I now understand why they call themselves Log Cabin: Their role model is Uncle Tom.” He repeated it when addressing the Democratic National Convention’s LGBT Caucus Thursday: “I am again inclined to think that they’re called the Log Cabin club because their role model is Uncle Tom.”

(El Gringo Viejo writes)
Dear Barney:
     If a Black person remains or becomes a Republican/Conservative and does not grovel for the crumbs that you and yours in the progressive movement have deigned to let fall off of your table of tax-payer provided gifts...that person is not a "real Black".   He/she must turn in his/her  Official Negro Card.
     If a Latin person remains or become a Republican/Conservative and does not grovel for the crumbs that you and yours in the progressive movement have deigned to let fall off your table of tax-payer provided gifts,,,,that person is not a "real Hispanic".   He/she must turn in his/her Official Latin Card.
     If any nature of person remains or becomes a Republican/Conservative whom you deign to be one who needs the largesse of the progressive movement's access to the public till or the "moral support" of the your movement's moral superiority...Bill and Hillary...Edward Kennedy...Sheets Byrd...Barney Frank..GaryStudds...(the list is too long for the amount of paper available)...that person is deigned to be unworthy to be a member of the group you declare is needful of said largesse.   He/She must be marked with the Scarlet Letters of UT, and banished.
Now comes the Progressive Movement's conscience, declaring that the Log Cabin Republicans are no longer legitimate homosexuals.   They are not worthy to be members of the "club".   They are now to be carved in the forehead with the dreaded brand, UT for Uncle Tom because apparently that is where Uncles Tom are made, along with various presidents and heroes of the Republic.   They are now required to scratch the term "homosexual" off of their driver's licencse and voter's registration.   You have spoken.
This lack of tolerance for diverisity becomes you.   It keeps you in character.  Did you ever pay all the tickets your "friend" ran up by using your congressional parking pass?   Or is that when you were Really Extra Special and Important Not Like the Common Slobs.  And, of course, we are pleased that you could live in an apartment the size you were living in and not have known, for over a year,  that your....."friend"....was running a "male prostitute service"...whatever that is.

You really are a piece of work, Mr. Frank.

El Gringo Viejo