Saturday, 8 September 2012

Letter to a Friend

It is not my wish to dwell in the political or even religious or philosophical realm. My opinions and thoughts pertaining to those matters are set in stone. It interests me naught the opinion of another. He shall not change my line of reasoning, and I shan't be the bit interested in changing his.
     My efforts on the blog are simply railing at the storm;  like a somewhat addled lighthouse casting its light to whatever wretch might be within the embrace of the terrible waves and the lashing winds.

     However, I shall hold until my last that:
    Charity by the hand of government is not charity.  Charity by the hand of government is the most sublime form of enslavement. Take of it, and one becomes a serf. The giver becomes what he is....a tyrant full of rules and requirements that demand that the recipient dance to what music and which steps he will take. And the tyrant will pay for his largesse with the money of long as it might last.

    The things governments and other tyrants wish to give its serfs take the form of Gran Pronunciamientos that must be voted for, before the huddled masses can be allowed to even read the words.

     We choose to participate less and less as the days grow shorter and shorter.   We do not even want the "jobs" that Mr. Romney says "he' wants to "give" us.   Certainly we do not want the guaranteed slavery of Mr. Obama's socialist quagmire.   We just want a government that would keep records, provide for a fair and impartial jurisprudential system that would resolve disputes between States based upon the precepts of English Common Law, and leave the various States to deal with their own affairs as they might.    The Consitution provides that the central government should operate a Postal Service that would unite the various States in matters of commercial and social intercourse and provide for a common defence.   Perhaps the central government could occupy itself with those chores and none other.

     Imagine, Mr. Beatles,  if there were not 253,904 regulations pertaining to the length, width, ergodynamics of a potatoe peeler. Imagine if there were not 538,277 requirements and rules pertaining to the ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, disability, aged, intellectual capacity, emotional stability, and hair colour....and where they  all park and go to the rest-room...of the people involved in the making of the potatoe peeler.

     Imagine, Mr. Beatles, if there were not a million meaningless harpies demanding this and that change to the order of things, simply to develop a perfection of society that they deem better than mine...or that guy's over there....or hers....Imagine.   A perfection of society, that even if it were to seem reasonable, could not...can not....ever be attained....or deigned. Imagine

El Gringo Viejo
Pray no ill for America and for an Independent Republic of Texas