Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Ghoulish, arrogant Democrats

We should all know that Obama is bad to the core and anti-American.

    We have been told that Bill and Hillary were "good Democrats" and were moderates.   Billy "gave" us welfare reform.  Hillary "tried" to give us free medical care.   Billy even showed people a card and declared that he could not understand  why the Republicans would not let the American people have this little card in order to obtain any and all medical care to which they are entitled.
     The fact is that Billy Jeff did not "give" us welfare reform.   He vetoed very weak and watered down, compromised to the hilt welfare reform bills sent to him by the newly Republican Congress, twice.   On the third try, with a slightly stronger bill coming at him, he adopted the cause as his own and showed his knack for reaching across the aisle and being reasonable.   He was always adept at being decisive, especially when he had no choice to do otherwise.
     Hillary really, really wanted to give us free medical care.   When asked how small businesses would be able to pay the massive participation fees, or if her proposals would wreck and destroy small and medium sized firms throughout the Nation, she snarled, "I'm not responsible for every little under-financed business in this country".    It was reminiscent of her "What do you expect me to do?  Stay home and bake cookies?"  Both her responses were similar to many others that showed she had no interest of any kind in anything beyond reducing America to a nation of two classes....serfs and the elite.   She intended to be among the elite.

     The Democrat National Socialist Party never changes its tune.   Republicans want to kill you and we want to give you everything you need, for free.   We are stuck now with a Democrat alternative that is worse even than the Clintons.   Hillary had no qualms about evidence tampering or mendacity before a grand jury in any of her various issues with her personal and professional conduct.  Pulling confidential personnel files from the FBI and releasing very private, and also very incorrect, information about private individuals is, to her, just the cost of doing business.   Billy Jeff is the same.
     The only reason that Billy Jeff and Hillary and their posse are not mounting a challenge against this hideous excuse of a Presidency is because the Chicago Crowd is slightly smarter and 100 times more vicious....and criminal.    The President's private home in Chicago was "sweethearted" to him by a gangster who is in prison now....for the sake of Jumping  Jehoshaphat.  Had that been George Bush...George would have been sitting in Angola Prison in Louisiana for the next 300 years.
      Shades of Torricelli whining about people questioning his honour as a Senator for the people of New Jersey when he was accused of taking bribes.   A little later when it became obvious that he was not only guilty, he was very, very guilty of those charges and many more, he finally resigned his seat.   The improvement was Corzine.   But, since Torricelli is a Democrat, he was not sent to prison for taking bribes.   For some reason the Chinaman who gave him the gifts went to prison, BUT THE GUY WHO TOOK THE GIFTS and MONEY ALSO APPARENTLY MANAGED TO TAKE A PASS.   Shades of Marc Rich....Eric Holder's greatist legal accomplishment.   Check here to refresh your memories:

     The main and perhaps quintessential reason why Hillary and Billy Jeff did not even make the try to regain their rightful residence is because  of the fear of mortal retaliation and/or the release of literal tonnes of secret documentation concerning the Clintons' involvements in hundreds of felony acts.    There can be no other reason, when it is obvious that Hillary would have defeated Obama 60/40 in the Democrat Primaries during these times.   Her campaign slogan....?    "Hope and Change? You gotta be kidding".    So they got the word....maybe about Vince Foster, maybe about Whitewater, maybe about Jim Douglas, maybe about some aeroplane crashing in Croatia with Ron Brown....who had just decided to go State against Hillary and Bill concerning a matter about taking illegal Red Chinese campaign contributions, among other things. Please refer to the following:

Clinton's Fake Tears

[Clinton Tears Video Clips]
Clinton's fake tears at Ron Brown's funeral.  
The man to his left is a liberation theologist,
 spiritual counsellor who help Clinton
 during the Lewinski mess.   "Carry
 the Bible with you, Bill."

     The final thing about all of this, while remembering that Mrs. Clinton has never really practised law since life in the White House....Bill was disbarred and fined by a judge in Arkansas for rendering misleading testimony....is that the Clintons know how to play "final solution" type politics.   The Obama machine....which actually has little to do with Obama, who is essentially a little voodoo wind-up, fronting for very extreme marxist interests and who is permitted to read teleprompters full of platitudes...knows "final solution" political measures much better and they are much less reluctant to use them.

Written in full lament.
El Gringo Viejo