Monday, 2 July 2012

The Wisdom of Solomon...and Mexico Falls Out of the Space Capsule


     We are in a bit of a stupor for the next few hours.  We knew that Roberts would play Brutus at the steps of the Senate, and we knew that Josephina was involved in an uphill struggle in the Mexican presidential election.
      To begin, the Mexicans voted heavily and they decided to vote for an air-head with ties to very important soap operas.  The people we were hoping to have in Vasquez-Mota corner, wavered about 3 weeks ago, and opted for the soap opera glitz, the Carlos Slim and Buddies  multi-million dollar, two year television and radio ad campaign, and the continuing PRI promise to end all poverty and misery and traffic jams within two years.
     As is said in these time,"Carlos Slim and the TelaVisa are not nothing".    The cabal of PRI crony capitalists, along with their more than a  passive alliance with Vicente Fox Cavazos, sealed the deal against Vazquez Mota.  A small sliver of silver behind the clouds is the fact that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador can probably safely be stored away in some recess of Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.   There will be no need to do much more than just dip him once or twice in some warm paraffin.
     Also, most of the voters for Pena-Nieto from the "centrist" PRI and for A. M. Lopez Obrador from the left are either too self- absorbed or too intellectually challenged to vote down-ballot very well.    So, there were significant gains in the central government's lower House of Congress and in the Senate.    Other gains were made in governorships and mayor's positions in major cities across the nation.
     It was still a crushing sensation on the soul. 

     We have enjoyed several years of no panhandling by federal functionaries and employees.  No "small considerations"  for doing the job that a person was hired to do anyway.   It had slowly improved during the terms of Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado, Carlos Salinas de Gortari, and Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon, but once the National Action Party took over the reins of the central government, dealing with day to day issues with the central government and many State governments improved to near perfection.

    The question now is whether the central government will maintain these gains in quality of service and discipline in spending.  Another burning question is whether Mexico will stay on the road to being a common law country and a private enterprise country.   Then, we shall have to await the central government's posture concerning its willingness to continue the process of degradation of the cartels.   Will this policy be maintained or will the new administration return Mexico to the days when behind the scenes PRI operatives could explain to the unsophisticated that "a little bit of cartel activity is actually good for's only the Gringos who are hurt by it because we don't use the drugs."
     Any accommodation of the cartels will be a step backwards into banana republicanism.


     The decision rendered by the Supreme Court of the United States baffles those who have any remote understanding of the Constitution.   It confounds those who have any notion of the proper role of the justices of the Supreme Court and the role of the Chief Justice of that court.  In attempting to comprehend the lunatic contemplations of the Chief Justice, we are told by the august juror that we must accept the following notions as valid law, simply because it is enacted law:

To Wit -
      The people of the State of Walon Ka determine in their wisdom that all hunters must qualify as capable of killing a moose or caribou with one kill-shot at a minimum of 200 yards, by rifle fire with a rifle of .223 calibre or higher.   With the intent of this law being to minimise the suffering of the wild animal, we require that the hunter demonstrate this ability by killing two Eskimos under the same requirements before receiving approbation and issuance of his permits and licenses.
     A video and two ears are required to demonstrate one-shot-kill ability and Nimrodian competence, along with a certified obituary of each Eskimo who was successfully one-shot-dropped.
Be It Enacted, approved by the House of Representatives, the Senate, and signed by the Governor of Walon Ka, this the 39th day of the month of Oologah, in the year 3202 BCE.

    By the reasoning of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, this law should stand because it was enacted.   His is not to reason why, his is but to determine that, ".....yes sir, that's one of them there laws alright...and I can't do nothing' about it.   If the people want to do somethin' about it then they ought to git off'n their duffs and pass a different law, cause otherwise, a lot of them there Eskimos are gonna wind up in a whole heap o' hurt!"
     Next month, the people of another State in the Union are having another law reviewed by Chief Justice Robert's court.   The new law is called the "Defense of Lynching Act".   It carried by a unanimous vote in the State Congress and the Governor signed it at the crossburning last Tuesday.   To date Mr. Roberts says that the new law "....Looks pretty good.   It was passed and signed by the Governor.   So, you know, if the people don't like it, they might need to change their voting habits".

     Perhaps we must be grateful that the Chief Justice's astounding decision in upholding a clearly un-constitutional law that will do much damage, was counterbalanced by an equally stupid ruling that says that a State cannot do even the simplist things in order to re-establish the public tranqulity, even if the measures are very similar or even identical to those practiced, somewhat haphazardly, by the United States government.    The Arizona ruling was as pretzelled and tortured as goat trail in the high mountains.  It was ridiculous.   In Texas, the police always require evidence of identity and residence of suspects, witnesses, and other people of pertinence to a police situation.   They have done it for generations.  They have done it and continue to do it to El Gringo Viejo.   In our case it is because of being witness to a felony....but the first thing the officer does is say, "Can I see your identification?"
     As an aside, we hold the Chief Justice's treachery and sophistry up as an example as to why we cannot be "reasonable" when dealing with progressives, marxists, RINOs, "social justice" people, and other forms of socialist elitist life.  They are the ones who have brought us the cause of every social ill, political catastrophe, and fiscal problem facing the nation at this time.    The "reasonable and moderate, able to work with the other side - type Republican" is a willing accomplice and participant in the AFDC, food stamp, 16,000,000,000,000,000 debt, Section 8, EPA, Keystone closure, ethanol subsidy, Fast and Furious debacle, Head Start, illegal alien invasion, 77% illegitimacy matter....that afflicts the nation in these days.    "A hungry child cannot do well in school" becomes a Medicaid Wave of millions of B-52s  carpet bombing corpulent 3rd graders upon us.....all afflicted with diabetes and accustomed to having someone else pay for their food...NOW!    That, Senator Hatch, Chief Justice Judas, and all RINOs your legacy.   Your "reasonable" nature is actually what we have come to know in these days as being a "facilitator".
    Socialists know and revel in the fact that they are doing the work of Lucifer.  They are amazed and encouraged that there are still dolts so concerned with being liked and approved by the socialist elite and allowed entry to the best parties of the socialist elite, that they will stoop so low as to rule from the bench, capriciously, in favour of a hideous law whose intent is to destroy the Republic.
     There have been so many one-vote margins, razor thin margins, exemptions, deals done and bought with taxpayers' funds, and idiocy (....we have to vote for it to find out what's inside of it....) associated with this piece of satanic legislation that just its history of passage should serve to nullify it validity.

     With that said, El Gringo Viejo.....who is very, very grumpy right now....has to go to-day to qualify for his chupacabra hunting permit and license.   He has to round up two Mexican-American veterans of either Viet Nam or Korea before sundown.  It's a new law here 'bouts.

More later....
El Gringo Viejo