Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sick of Hearing About "Hispanic Vote"

El Gringo Viejo will pay anyone fifty six yankee dollars and 21 cents if somebody would tell the Republican poobahs that there is nothing that can be done about the Hispanic Vote.  There is no such Elephant, so to speak, as an Hispanic Vote.
     "Hispanic Vote" assumes that every funny looking little dark person with brown eyes and black hair is an "Hispanic Vote".    It also presumes that every little dark person with brown eyes and black hair is consumed with the issue of legalizing hundreds of millions....nay! billions..... of little dark people with brown eyes and black hair pouring over the border to receive amnesty.
     TO BEGIN, as we have stated several million times on these pages, the moment a person says, "All Mexicans are.....", all around should and must stop listening and run for a bomb bunker.    Also, believe it or not, all the little lines and national boundaries that a person sees separating the countries of Central and South America also actually separate people with different racial complexions, with different accents, with different languages, with different aboriginal populations.   The Latin Islands....the Lesser and Greater Antilles....are mingled with the African Islands, and even sometimes in the Isla de Hispaniola, to-day the home of a mainly African and Mulatto, French-speaking population on the west side (Haiti), shared with a Spanish-speaking,  Mulatto and Spanish jumble on the east side (Republica Dominicana).
      The huge bulk of "Hispanics" in the United States are of Spanish/Mexican origin.   Next come the Cubans who are of Spanish, African, some Indian, Filipino, and other European extraction.  Then come the large groups of people from the American Commonwealth known as Puerto Rico, which has a similar but not identical genealogy to Cuba.   Then there are the many 'others', from Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, and the various countries of Central America.
     Oddly, the overwhelming majority of these folks from "south of the border" have arrived into the United States and Texas since the year 1900.    But, there are numerous descendants, particularly of the Spanish/ Mexican group who were intergenerational in North America before the landing of the Mayflower.   Cubans, to a lesser extent, and of the same extraction, fall into this category as well.

     Then, to further confound the issue, the ethnic lines are blurred in places like Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and other States by the process of intermarriage....especially between predominately Anglo whites and predominantly Spanish / Mexican whites  whose numbers in Texas certainly extend beyond 2,000,000 people living at this time in the Republic of Texas.
While the term "Anglo" is overused, in this case we mean people of English and/or British extraction, which in and of itself is a terribly irregular and extensive blanket to throw over those peoples.   Spanish is also a clumsy identifier for perhaps as many as 17 different ethnicities that compose the historical face of Spain.    Intermarriage between Texans with predominately German, Polish, Czech, Bohemian, Scandinavian, French, and other White racial backgrounds is not as common, but is still not something that draws much, if any, attention in the Republic of Texas. 
      Then we must include at least passing reference to something else, oft stated here, that many of the "Anglos", especially if their family's progress came through The South, have more than a few drops of Indian blood, as do many of the Spanish / Mexican whites.   So as to of my daughter's biggest number 1 chums from first grade to the present is a Spanish-surnamed girl, whose mother is a Iowa-type, Anglo person, who holds a doctorate, and whose father is a Spanish - Mexican colonial type....lower level aristocrat, a very intelligent fellow.   This chum of my daughter's is a doctor of medicine....specialising in premature baby issues....and her husband is a doctor....he is also a Jew.   Interestingly, part of the my daughter's chum's ancestry includes those Sephardics who had converted and accompanied Jose Luis Carvajal y de la Cueva in the settlements of what was then the moonscape of what is now northcentral and northeasternmost Mexico and Southern Texas, in the 1560s.   My daughter's mother is also descended from those Semetic ''Hispanics" from Spain as well  (mayhaps the daughter and her chum are 15th cousins of some sort).

     This is not put here to make the noble OROG believe that El Gringo Viejo is somehow more noble because he has this greater tolerance of this ethnic this or that racial that...such is not the case.    IT IS TO DIRECTLY AND POINTEDLY DEMONSTRATE THAT, as Republicans or Conservatives or Constitutionalists, we immediately fail when we try to design an appeal that will speak to all "Hispanics".   It is not possible.    It is not possible because there is no such thing as "all Hispanics".   "All Hispanics" are not even "all Hispanic".
     The press, the Democrats, even the Republican campaign advisors to Romney, do not understand any of this.   To them, all "Hispanics" are extras in a Cecil B. DeMille epic film about how Pharoah gave "Health Care" to  all the Egyptrons and other  funny little dark people with black hair and brown eyes.   To the politicians, all "Hispanics'' are a pitiable people who need to be "helped" with welfare and Head Start and provided with free abortions.    This is because they (the politicians) listen to "leaders" who are essentially the same type of charlatans as Sharpton, Jackson, Wright, and O'bama are for the black people.    One should note quickly, however, that while there is a lamentable amount of racism and ethnic hatred driving these charlatans, they have considerably more difficulty in ranting up a crowd than does the team Sharpton, Jackson, and Associates.

      It is certainly more than  a bit odd that Romney himself cannot figure a way through this "Hispanic vote" morass, since Romney himself has numerous 1st and 2nd cousins who are Mexicans, with the surname of Romney in either the maternal or paternal case.   His father was born in Mexico.   The number of Romney-type Mexicans in Chihuahua State is probably near 300 or so, and they are respected and productive citizens of their chosen and native homeland.    That part of the family has over 120 years of involvement as citizens of Mexico.

     El Gringo Viejo's solution is simple.   Campaign to "the Hispanic Vote" in the identical manner and in the same words, as we campaign to the "Vote".    The war records, general work habits and records, and communitarian activity of about 58 per cent of the Latinate population demonstrate that "they" have some understanding of the nature of what a democratic republic is.   They also know that self-sufficiency and generosity is the way of our Republic and our Faith.   That is about the same as for the general non-Latin, White population.    To our potential voters within that Latin group, there is no need to cow-tow or patronise them.   It would even run the risk of offending, which would be disastrous.   It would be something akin to Gerald Ford trying to eat the tamale with the corn-shuck wrapping still on it in San Antonio in his failed campaign of 1976. (it really happened.)
      To the rank and file Republican, Conservative, and is necessary as well to accept the fact that a great mass of people of some form or another of Latin ancestry, are locked into the mainstream, centre-right way of living and thinking.   They is us'ns and we is they'ns.   Let us choose our words carefully, studiously, and clearly, never allowing anyone to drag us into the ethnic tar-pits that the Democrats, National Socialists, Occupiers, marxists,  and progressive elitists prefer to conduct their demagogic fight.

More later.
El Gringo Viejo