Friday, 6 July 2012

Instant Buyer's Remorse, Anyone?

Exerpted from
6 July 2012
    "..... Some political opponents of Pena Nieto, whose party governed Mexico for more than 70 years until 2000, have warned that negotiating with drug cartels and gangs could be on his agenda -- an accusation that Peña Nieto has repeatedly denied.   But his denials haven't squelched speculation on both sides of the border that negotiating with cartels -- or at least easing the pressure on them -- could be on the table.
     In a congressional hearing last month, U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner said the war on drugs was nearing a "potential crossroad," referring to Peña Nieto's plan and his party's political history.   "While in power, the PRI minimized violence by turning a blind eye to the cartels," the Wisconsin Republican said, noting that Peña Nieto "does not emphasize stopping drug shipments or capturing kingpins."
     In a statement the next day, Peña Nieto's campaign said he was committed to combating organized crime.   "The law is applied; it is never negotiated," the statement said.    US Congressman Henry Cuellar - (D-Texas), said this week that such concerns from Sensenbrenner and other lawmakers were unfounded. Changing strategies in dealing with drug violence, Cuellar said, doesn't mean stopping the battle.     "I asked him about it. ... He told me, 'I'm gonna fight it. I want to use a different strategy,' " Cuellar said, noting that relations between the United States and Mexico would likely strengthen under Peña Nieto's leadership.
      Pledges to change tack in the drug war were common across party lines on the presidential campaign trail this year, Chabat said, "In the end, I don't think he will do many things differently than Calderon, because there isn't much that can be done differently," Chabat said. "There's not a lot of room to work. In speeches, it sounds really great to say that you're going to do things differently, but there won't be many changes."  (comment by El Gringo Viejo -  Chabat is the surname of a respected political analyst.)

What this actually means:
      For one, Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) did serve as Secretary of State appointed by George Bush during his first term as Governor of the Republic.   For two, Henry is a Democrat, and all Democrat office holders must practice mendacity, or they lose their birthright and legitimacy.    Henry always talks a good "conservative" game, and yet he is the first one to fight like a hungry dog to defend the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative.   He is the first one to campaign on ethnicity, reminding the potential voters in his district that his opponent is not really one of "us".    He also follows the cardinal rule for Democrat National Socialists by employing the required, ".....and they are going to take away your Medicaid, Medicare, SSI, and Social Security!   It is the permanent aim of the Republicans to abandon our seniors and those most in need!!!".
     In other words he lies through his teeth.   He does not tell "us" that Social Security Disability, SSI, Head Start, Food Stamps (Lone Star Card in Texas) is actually the ruin of "us", and he struts around after the election to say, "I'll be there fighting for your benefits."  Henry is good at talking out of 52 sides of his mouth at the same time.   Most of the time it is simply Democrat-Socialist bilge.

     Henry is the kind of Democrat politician who understands the Partido Revolucionario Institucional instinctively.  People like Henry, Obama, the Clintons, etc. understand what the term "Institutional Revolutionary Party" really means.   It is summed up by the campaign speech of a PRI candidate in a rural area of Durango some years back, when the candidate had worked the crowd into a frenzy, aided by several thousand gallons of brandy and beer, ".....And, furthermore, I will put a University Preparatory School here in this area!"   Hurrah, Viva!!  ".....and furthermore I will build a dam here to avoid the time of dryness when water is needed for the crops!!!"    But the people did not cheer.    After a long silence, the candidate was fearing that his demagogery-momentum-factor was fading, so he asked," Boys!  My Children!!  Why do you fall silent?   Is the beer gone?   Is not the brandy flowing?"

    A braver ejido peasant stepped forward, respectfully, and with hat in hand, and addressed  the candidate," Only one thing, sen~or candidato."
     "What is it, my child?  Please tell me!" the candidate, suffering from a rapidly deflating ego, begged, the anxiety piercing from his dark eyes.
     "The problem, sen~or, is that we cannot have a dam, because we do not have a river," the peasant responded painfully.

      After another silence, this time briefer, the candidate tightened his grip on the microphone, grinned broadly and announced to the large crowd, "Pepe brings to my attention that we cannot have a dam here because there is no river.   But, remember, my children, that the Institutional Revolution thinks of these things way ahead of time for you.   The problem is already being addressed.   This year we are going to build the dam, and then next year, we are going to build you a river!!!!"
     Roars of approval begin again and the campaign workers resume passing out the beer and brandy to the "electors".

     Of course, by this time in the life of the Institutional Revolution, everyone knew....speaker, listener, people passing around the beer and brandy....that there was going to be no Prepartory, no dam, and no rio.   Some of the money would be allocated, a few survey teams would come out, and then gradually....sun up....sun down....sun up....sun down....the projects would be forgotten.  In a fancy saloon at one of the best hotels on the Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City, the Federal Congressman was talking with his buddies in the regular afternoon clatch of buddies.   One of them asks, "Did you ever manage to get a little bit of those projects for those people in the Ejido El Muerto?   What was it?  A Preparatory, a dam, and a Rio, right?"
     "No, the party gave me 60,000 gringo dollars to forget about it, and some of the Quesos Grandes took the rest of the appropriation so their daughters would have money for the month of July in McAllen shopping at La Plaza Mall, and the stay at the condominium on South Padre Island (Texas).   You know.   And they told me that they needed to keep those things in reserve to promise in the upcoming elections anyway." the candidate of yore said wistfully.   Then he added, "You know how it is when you're limited by a bunch of corrupt politicans.   Don't say anything about it, but I needed an extra 40,000 gringo dollars to take my daughters to La Plaza Mall in McAllen and to rent a little apartment on South Padre Island (Texas),  and they just laughed at me.   And after all I did for them."
     Everyone at the table nodded, with serious expressions.



     The point is that Henry says that Pen~a Nieto told him that the War in Mexico would continue.  So there.  That's it.

     The problem is that the PRI and its candidates are molecularly composed of mendacity, theft, and even murder.   They are identical to the Clintons.   One must be able to lie convincingly in order to gain respect among his peerage.  And one must be able to react with deep anger and resentment to the merest suggestion of impropriety concerning ones word, or handling of the fiduciary or fiscal public trust.   They are like Democrats in the United States.

    Imagine the damage done to the nation's economy by Dodd, Rangel, Frank, and the pantheon of parasitic slugs that the Democrats, tax....spend, spend...elect, elect.   And may the Saints intervene on behalf of the eunuchs that the Republicans have become.." "We have to go along just this one more time.....just raise the debt limit one more time...just raise the taxes on the wealthy one more time....if we don't the press will kill us....if we don't the Democrats will crucify us....if we don't there will be demonstrations....."
     Actually, Mr. Reasonable Elephantperson, one cannot be reasonable with a very young child, nor with people who are deranged to the point that they actually believe that they can spend two dollars and take in only one, without significant difficulties developing fairly quickly.   There is no reasonable position to take which includes the wishes, will, and/or intent of the deranged Democrat Socialist politician.

     If Pen~a Nieto does not continue the War, it will deflate the will of the majority.   The war is being won....please reference the worst of the worst place in Mexico....that being the State of Tamaulipas....and see that the people backed the PAN girl overwhelmingly....their Congressional delegation changed astoundingly to the Right in spite of the State being a bastion of the PRI for almost 90 years now.   They backed her because they saw first-hand how well the military has confronted and degraded the cartel element.    The people throughout Mexico are resigned, in the majority, to the idea of taking this fight to the end.   Continual degradation has worked in Tamaulipas to about a 90% level.   In other areas similar results have been obtained.   We are hoping that we will not have an Obama solution to the issue, whereby a date certain for cessation of hostilities is established.
     The military has a bit more sway and discretion inside the offices of Los Pinos.   Los Pinos is in fact set within a large military compound.   With the 3o% that is obviously for staying the course, along with a majority of the PRI - type voter who has somewhat reasonable powers of critical thinking....coupled with the new strength of the PAN in the Congress....perhaps we shall we a steady continuance of the inform-search-destroy-extradite-degrade process that has produced really significant results to this point.

     We are going to defer further comment on this topic due to developing news concerning the elections results in Mexico.   The issue of the charge-cards distributed to the electorate has taken on a life of its own.   It will probably amount to naught, but it might sell some advertising for the television networks and newspapers.

El Gringo Viejo