Thursday, 21 June 2012

Why and Because

George Bush XLIII -  Why the low scores?

     David Dewhurst is an example of the same disease that crippled King George II.   Although King George II was much more rough-cut, and more Texian than his father King George I, all three of the above-named are country-club Repblicans who like to be "reasonable".   Let's not be argumentative....let's be adults about all of this.   King George I said it best one time while responding to a reporter's question about whether or not Good King George I was "conservative enough" to placate the extremist elements of his own party.   King George I said "I think so.   I am conservative.   I'm just not crazy about it like some of my friends."
     King George II and David Dewhurst and to a degree Rick Perry are all painted with this same brush.  In their way they try to be moderate and kinder and gentler so as to help the unwashed with free money, and also in their way they try to recognise natural law and render unto those forces their place in the scheme of things.    Reference King George II's benefiscence in deigning to "give" the geezers their "free" medicine.   It was just the right thing to do.  It was such "the right thing to do" that even the marxist AARP was doing back-flips in celebration.
      Reference Mrs. King George I going to the funeral of the poor boy in flyover country who died of AIDS.   She went out to express solidarity with the "AIDS community" and to underscore that "we are all part of this problem".   She wanted to show that she and her family were not like that cowboy before them who did nothing to prevent AIDS.   She and hers were much better, and could somehow equivilate three boys in rural Ohio, who were hemophiliac and essentially murdered by some HIV-contaminated blood donor, with homosexuals who were having scores of sexual contacts per week or month in bathhouses and homosexual bars and landing pads from San Francisco to Manhattan.
     It is because, among the little people, they have those diseases and it really doesn't matter how they get it.  The little people are all essentially the same and to be equally pitied.  It's like the polio.  We just can't be judgemental, you see.

      So, during the last Republican primary in Texas, a nobody like Fred Cruz, runs a surprisingly strong second and forces a run-off.   This is after a muli-million dollar advertising blitz that actually was full of mis-leading half-truths and lies about Cruz.   This blitz was begun towards the end of the campaign, aggressively broadcast and telephoned throughout the Republic of Texas, and in the end....rejected.   Many people voted for Dewhurst because it was his "time".    They seemed confused that some obscure Mexican fellow could be taken as a reasonable candidate.   When the run-off happened, many of those same people asked how this could be.
     They found out that Cruz is Latin...but not Mexican.   His origin is Cuban.  They learned that he was Solicitor General for the Republic of Texas and has tried many cases successfully in various venues, including the United States Supreme Court.  They learned that he had a Harvard Law School record as well, but one of great substance....graduated with highest honours...unlike the unpleasant record of the unpleasant current President of the United States.  They learned that he is a natural law, common law conservative.   He is not "reasonable" about principle.   He is not a fair weather conservative. 
     David Dewhurst is stunned that the Republican Party of Texas did not give him a 90% endorsement in the past primary.   He was stunned by the fact that a Tea-Party nobody who is not even a millionaire would even run, much less finish a strong second and force a run-off.    Twelve million dollars and super-blue blood connections certainly should have been able to withstand a challenge by some Latin rube with barely a million dollars of nickle and dime money raised from nobodies.   After all, the Lieutenant Governor's position in the governmental organisation of the Republic of Texas truly is the most powerful position in the Republic.  Second is the Speaker of the House.   A very distant third is the Governorship, something that was put in place by the Constitution of 1876 after a very bad spate of it with another arrogant blue-blood jackass, Edmund Davis, who was the Yankee-imposed Reconstruction governor   (Yes, Texas...the least Slave State in the Confederacy...was under Reconstruction for over 10 years).

File:Edmund Davis.jpg
Gov. Edmund Davis, Mayor of Brownsville, Texas
and during the War Between the States the Brig. Gen
commanding the hapless 1st Texas Cavalry (Union).
He served, as a civilian, as Reconstruction Governor
and ruled as a despot.  He had to be dragged out of
the Governor's Mansion, like Hillary and Billy Jeff
almost had to be dragged out of the White House.

    David also knew what was best for all the little people.  King George I and King George II also knew that it was best to be nice and give people free money.   To be reasonable.   So, we change the black beret from a distinctive uniform appointment to a general part of the standard uniform.   We fail to bomb into shreds the nearest military airport to the place where the fighters took off to harrass our legitimate reconaissance plane.   We then make sure that we order all the new black berets from Red China.   We also make sure that we send women into combat to have their heads and legs blown off....for the cause of some false equality.   We call Hillary and Chucky to say "Whatever you need to rebuild New York City, you have a blank check".   We give the geezers free medicine.  We strengthen every worthless program that damages the poor as well as the taxpayers such as food stamps, Section 8, Head Start, AFDC, rent subsidies, utility subsidies, and scores of other useless crutch programs that cripple much more than cure.  We expand "bio-fuels" subsidies.   After all, all this money winds up back in the bank.  It helps the farmers when people eat...and eat....and eat....and eat.   And just think how we keep the rents up with free money....and just think how the neighbours like it when felonious, filthy swine move into that  nice little cottages and apartments next door and turn them into  crack houses full of addicts and prostitutes....ah! social  justice.   All of this is brought to us courtesy of the people who know better than we do....and who live in gated communities.

     No veto pen.  Acquiescence at every turn.   King George II could say, like his father, "I am a conservative, I'm just not crazy about it."   El Gringo Viejo voted for King George II four times in general elections.  When the alternatives are Creatures from the Black Lagoon and ghouls like Al Gore, Ann Richards, and John Kerry....the lesser of two evils has a deeper meaning.

     And it is recognised that class is class.   Both King Georges and their families have more class in their toenail cuttings than any Democrat in the national socialist pantheon.   To think that Democrat leadership would show a semi-animated film of Christopher Reeves walking and that they would use Michael J. Foxx to shill for embryonic stem-cell research as a plausible route to cure for multiple sclerosis!   What pitiful, soul-less people.   And those objections are just the peak of the peak of the peak of the iceberg of complaint about the Democrat National Socialist Labour Party.
Home of the Cast-off  Democrat
National Socialist Leaders

    It remains the case that the greatest fear the Country Club, RINO, pink-Republicans is to arrive at the County Convention of the local Republican Party and find the place full of red-necked hillbillies and pepper-bellies wearing hats and boots and people with crankcase oil smudges on their bib-overalls, and people with bad teeth and K-Mart clothes and black people wearing Uncle Sam red, white, and blue outfits, and all that (shiverrrrr) tacky stuff.   After all, they are not "real Republicans". 
     You see...we are real Republicans....and we are a bit crazy about following natural and common law....much of which is included in the Constitution of the United States of America.  We accept the country club Republicans as real Republicans, but they do not truly accept us until their plumbing backs up, or their head gasket blows, or  they need that special wedding cake....or some other urgent errand needs to be attended.

And yes, Virginia, I shall vote for Dewhurst should he win the Republican run-off.   It appears at this point that he will lose decisively.   Either Cruz or Dewhurst would be better for the Republic of Texas as well as the United States than any Democrat in these days.
El Gringo Viejo