Friday, 22 June 2012

Hillary Lurks

This is the one thing that Hillary looks for towards mid-day every weekday.   She and her fellow caldron stirrers are calling each other at this moment....asking....'"Is it time now?   Is it time?"


The graph below is the standard Rasmussen analysis of Head-to-Head between Romney and Obama, and the standard Rasmussen analysis of the Job Approval.of Barak Hussein O'bama.

The graph below reveals the looming O'bama disaster that will probably seal the deal with the Hillary cliq to storm the walls for her justly deserved nomination as the candidate for the Presidency for the Democrat National Socialist Workers' Party.   Their campaign motto is sure to be, "We are at least as good as a Texas Department of Corrections Inmate", or "Change and Hope" or "Whatever and Lots of It, Maybe!".
    Just some thoughts.   One hundred days in American politics is an eternity, we know.  But 72 more hours of this is going to be like sitting in the dentist's chair and listening to the drill for the Democrat money bundlers.   There are almost certainly poobahs from the deep voices in the choir asking White House people for the particulars about the Fast and Furious - 2nd Amendment Abolition Program.   It will take about 12 Grand Poobahs to show 'thumbs down' in their conference call to authorise the purchase of two adult, and two children's,  one-way Greyhound Bus tickets to Chikenyacago, Illinois.
A pleasure always to be in contact with the OROG family.  More coming later about the sons of El Chapo Guzman....something very encouraging and hopeful.
El Gringo Viejo