Thursday, 10 May 2012

Now Begins the Next War on Humanity by the Republicans

     Let the games begin again, and again, and again.   The populace tires of it.   The Democrats climb to the highest peak and begin howling painfully that the Republicans are going to force us to have to shoot Smokey the Bear and Grandma is not even going to be able to finish her last moldy spoon of dogfood before the Republicans throw her off the cliff again.   And so soon after we just had her wheelchair repaired from the last time she took her dive.

     Who is going to buy Miss Flukie's birth control pills for her?   It's a War on Women!!

     Who is going to stand up for Trayvon?   It's a War on Negroes!!

     Who is going to stand up to the Republicans who are cutting feeding programs for the Poor?
      It's a War on Feeding Poor People!!

     Who is going to stand up to the Republicans who only want citizens, native born and naturalised, to vote?    It's a War on Illegal Voters!!

      Who is going to stand up to the Republicans who don't want people to have the right to pay Union Locals' Boss Thug Slobs to head up unions  so that they can knock off a 12 pack of Pabst and smoke a couple of joints during their morning break?    It's a War on Labour!!

      Why do the Republicans always want to take away everything from everybody all the time, especially every two years????     We'll have to free all the Negroes and give the Women the right to vote again....and pass the Prohibition....and have a New, Square, and Fair Deal for the Oppressed-Americans.    Oh! The humanity.......

And George Bush did nothing to prevent it.

     When people are exchanging platitudes and statements of common knowledge at the next backyard barbeque, be prepared with the facts and make yourselves completely hated and despised.   You will never have to worry about another invitation to that party again.    A platitude like..."Yeah, it's just like they say, 'The rich keep gettin' richer and the poor keep gettin' poorer."
      Then you chime in with, "That does have a nice original ring to it, and it makes a person comfortable, attempting to say something very profound when in fact it is uninformed and really stupid.   In 1910, the wealthiest two percent of all Americans controlled about forty percent of all liquid and tangible wealth in the United States.   To-day the wealthiest 2 percent actually only control slightly less than nineteen percent of all liquid and tangible wealth in the United States.    The working class, the middle class, and the upper middle class, along with minor millionaires control the vast majority of wealth in America.   Professionals, skilled blue collar, technicians, and small business people are the grouping with the most wealth."

     Now you all know why El Gringo Viejo lives at the end of the road.  He has his own parties. Nobody comes.   But the dogs and the cats have wonderful left overs.   By the way, cats eat caviar, if they have to.
El Gringo Viejo