Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Yes, they can't

     The ancient formula has been employed again, and the same people whose forebearers came to this Continent searching for protection from central governments now are begging for the false security and easy life that seductive satanists offer to those who would prefer indolence to industry.

     The great Civil War has been joined.   The skirmishing since the end of the New Deal Era has, necessarily, become a battle.   Tomorrow, it will be a war.   The war will be between two sides.   There will be no neutral ground.   One side wishes to be left alone, to live by the tenets of English Common Law and the Law set forth in the original Constitution, to labour for the provision of oneself, his family, and his community.     The other side wishes to scheme to destroy the methods of investment and noble labour, while simultaneously demanding to be supported by a productive class that is subject to the whims and fads of an overbearing socialist governing class.
     One side produces, mentors, builds up, and expands wealth.   The other side organises, demands, and seeks to gain the goods and wealth of others by taxation, theft, violence, anarchy, or socialism.


      The bad side has long needed a built-in, subservient, violent, indolent mass of "victims" who are stupid, vicious, and unreasonable.   Lack of critical thinking ability, ignorance, depravity, filth, bastardy, and racism would be necessary characteristics of this class of subservients.   The solution, of course, was the Trojan Horse of Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC).   Next was the change of the pedagogic class from one of a "calling" to one of a "profession". 
     In this way, there would be developed a group of people who could not and would not learn, led by a group of people who could not and/or would not teach.   Blackboard Jungle, starring Glenn Ford, foretold a bit of what was to come.   It was a soupy, syrupy movie.   Watching it now, however, brings a torrent of primal reactions...fight or flight?....nausea....scream bloody murder....don't hold me back, I'm going to jump.
     For those who had the "calling", there were  "professional organisations" established such as the NEA, the ATF, and any number of unions representing the interests of the teaching "profession" who would readily remind the person who had a "calling" that being a teacher means being a "professional".
Glenn Ford lectures an inner-city class, in a scene from the
famous 1950's era film.  It has been described as a gritty, or a
corny, or a realistic look at public education of the day.

     As for "students", suffice it to say that schools as we knew them are gone.   Vestiges waft in and out of some campus settings still, but very, very, very few "students" to-day would be able to comprehend or comply with what a classroom or school situation would require in 1955.   The student body has changed....(in many ways)....and the emphasis is on empowerment and rights instead of responsibility and duty.
     The marxist movement in American was successful in many ways in the producing of a "client victim group" and using that group to as a wedge to steadily drive down the self-same Negro race in America.   Group-think and the re-enforcement of self-defeating pursuits give us now the Detroit moment in human development.    It has given us "the projects", the "baby-mothers", the 50% unemployment among black men, ages 18 - 30.    If one doubts it, just examine how "black leaders" deal with conservative and/or Republican people of black - African descent.

     There are too many people who genuinely feel that the government, especially the central government, must provide for their happiness, success, and security.   By stating this it is not meant that there is a disturbing number of such people, but rather that critical mass has been reached.   There are as many people receiving some or several goodies from Father O'bamaham....from Warren Buffet and George Soros, all the way down to the president's own Auntie and Uncle.
     All these millions form the Army of Evil Locusts.   From the crony "capitalists" to the people who take food stamps or who own and operate stores where such devil's script is accepted as legal tender, or who participate in any program provided by the central government,   these people intend to take what is produced by others, some like a thief in the night, the remainder by the power granted to a government that is armed against its governed.

Prepare for the War ahead.    And ask not for whom the bell tolls, for it tolls for us.
El Gringo Viejo