Thursday, 12 April 2012

Clear and Present Danger Alert

Concerning the most recent Official Alert issued by the O'bamaham Official Office, it is announced that another element of the Republican War on Women has been uncovered.   From the White House Office on Duplificationistical Governmental Important Overlaps, all subjects of the Supreme Government are advised that we have isolated a woman who is accused and convicted by the Supreme Revolutionary Tribunal of the Following Serious CounterRevolucionary Activities:

      (1)     Over-propagation without properly obtained authority from the proper authority which can only be obtained by seeking such permission from the Office of Properly Obtained Permissions, Department of Authority and Permissions, Secretariat of the State Security Police.

     (2)      Never having worked a day in her life.

     (3)      Failure to actively support and approve all actions, especially future actions and actions not yet considered.

     (4)      Failure to sing along with the Neighbourhood National Patriotic Committee each morning at the appointed hour of 05:00 Common National Revolutionalistic Tyme our Classical National Anthem, loved by all, "OH!  HOW I LOVE TO CARRY DUNG TO THE DUNG HEAP FOR CHAIRMAN MAO".

    (5)      This counterrevolutionary woman is wanted for immediate questioning!

Image of Typical Counterrevolutionary Running Dogs

Defend the Revolution! (OR ELSE)