Saturday, 21 April 2012

Update on Josephina's Progress

     Click onto the above linkage to see that our right-wing girl is performing almost precisely as El Gringo Viejo thought and hoped she would.   The pretty boy, Pen~a Nieto of the old government party has steadily lost his relatively shallow support.   Unfortunately, however, the latter-day communist, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) has managed to work into a fairly strong third place.    We are somewhat surprized by this showing.
     It does come, however, after several weeks of his apologising about the shutdown of the centre of Mexico City for 2 months following the last  Presidential elections.   He is also promising to never be so rash and self-empowered ever again.   Thankfully, he is going back to his old habit of making long, boring, rambling speeches that sound word-for-word like Father O'bamaham's marxist gibberish.   He can draw a fairly good crowd that comes to collect the free t-shirts and belly-bag giveaway items.....but by the time he finishes his speeches, most of the crowd has left, or is slumped over asleep.
      Be very wary of AP and McClatchy reports about Josephina, since they spend most of their time ridiculing her and making up some stories out of whole cloth.   The "encuestas" included in the linkage above will tell the whole story.   It is complicated, but political junkies will see the "path to Victory" in attitudinal breakout  (the 6 supporting graphs).   Also working in our favour is the fervour level, which is highest for Josephina, and much lower for the two men.


Just an update.
El Gringo Viejo