Monday, 16 April 2012

"I am a Head of State and not a Hoodlum"
Cristina Fernandez de Kirstner
      Sorry, Cris, but if you quack like a hoodlum, and waddle like a demagog, and look like an old barroom Frida-commie....then Star Kist doesn't want you.    You will appreciate that El Gringo Viejo has used the above picture, that wore out 36 airbrushes and 6 silk screens twenty years ago, so that your mother could still be proud of you.   We all appreciate and remember your good work with the  communist guerilla movement in the 1970s.

File:Cristina Fernandez y Obama.jpg
Old Bolshies never die, they just turn into
sludge and hide in the Brea Tar Pits in California
and wait for the establishment of Ut0pia.
      The fact is that when you pushed the bill through the Argentine Congress authorising the expropriation of the Spanish oil company Repsol, you became more of what you are.   The confiscation of the private pensions, the demagoging of the Falkland Islands matter, the confiscation of duly entrusted foreign assets....all pretty much smell like a petty little tin-horn marxist dictator taking his/her people down the road to serfdom and the glory of the Cuban Revolutionary success for the little people.   You will continue to play the role of Evita and Isabel, but you are just another broken down old lefty, driving your country into the swamp and blaming the Spaniards, George Bush, American Imperialism, Global Warming, and Margaret Thatcher for all your ills.    You may be a head of state, but you are certainly also a hoodlum.
     But, Cristi, remember what the book says, when you hear the bells, ask not for whom the bells toll, they toll for you.

Thanks for your attention.
El Gringo Viejo